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    Heart of greed vs Heart of greed 2

    anyone still have the ep for dl ?
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    Yawn, its get borring every week

    like got wind like that some good wind some bad wind
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    dont like the ending either and preety slow at some point
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    Linda Chung as Sze Ga Ga

    yeah she really improve a lot last time i remember i don't like to watch she act but now getting better laio
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    Wars of In-Law

    haeheh i was thinking what happen if next time my wife and my mother become like them ~~
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    How do you like the drama?

    well the ending kinda sucks lo
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    Anyone Watch the Comics version?

    same here if anyone who had it pls share share lahh
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    Raymond Lam as Mou Qing 無情

    wtd he had to be in wheel chair or else he will steal all the camera spotlight hehehehe
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    [TVB-A] Word Twisters' Adventure - 鐵咀銀牙 [20/20] *COMPLETED*

    shinobi can you pls help to fix the BT link for ep 2 and 5 pls Thanks
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    The Kung Fu Master (2000) torrent

    Greeting PA, been looking for this movie for quite some times wondering anyone out there still have it or can help me to find the torrents links for me pls Thanks in advanced Jerry For the movie information is here h**p://www.spcnet.tv/reviews/review.php?rID=410
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    Linksys WRT54G Router is Annoying

    actually the linksys wrt54g V5 is not really that stable, when u are downloading p2p stuff for over 5 days the router tend's to get hang. the best way is to flash ur router to a third party firmware example like dd-wrt or hyper-wrt for Linksys wrt54g ver 1 to 4 can go for hyper wrt...
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    [Themes] - AQUA (Spice up your computer)

    can reupload it to somewhere else it say i cant download due to someone with the same ip is downloading it
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    Super Movie Cinema Nights Edition #16 ( Time and Tide )

    i think the files have been removed already.... can kindly reupload it again thankss
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    REQ for price of shadow cantonese version

    anyone have the torrent for this movie ? -chef -chef -chef
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    Request I NOT STUPID TOO

    [B]ring [U]p [M]y [P]ost Bump~~~