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  • Hahaha thanks and is NAS kidding about the chick thing? LOL
    Anyways have fun in your travels when you saved enough ^^
    Don't forget to take lots of pics LOL
    and tell me where ya been to xD
    waaaaa tax is a chick not a dude....... lol probably a fossil now eh. :shifty: when you come back should put back those unique songs on here.
    Yo dude, been a while, just dropping by to say Hi and look I finally on your level now :XD: the VIPs hahahaha, so how ya been? Don't worry Flaming here won't forget about ya ;)
    hahahaha we're on the tagging spree again, so far me, aoes, evo, mav, ecko and master g are hunting profiles to tag and since I saw your profile....so how come you don't come out to post often? headbang2
    uhhh maybe she just hibernating not sure lols...but tax go start the fun lols. but anyways it's almost summer vacation, hopefully i'll be able to end the pa addiction and take some time off like u guys also haha...
    lol yea tax all new....how are you, long time no see lol....of course i missed u what u think, i don't have a heart? :rolleyes2: anyways tax what have you been doing, you had the forum inertia like hiake or what haha.....
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