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  • Haha yeah, I just got back yesterday. Was gone from the 5th - 15th. It was a fantastic trip. Definitely going to go again! Did you go yet?
    oh oh oh!!! lets play the guessing game!!! ^__^ guess my name?? haha!! lets see how long this will take!!
    oh no worries, i never thought of u that way! well i really mean it when i say hope we can be good friends. :)
    i think i have one in my album? or unless u want even more pix or something? i promise you i'm the girl i say i am lol, just in case u think im faking a random girl. i would upload more pix, but i kind of have safety concerns (yes im a dork) and plus i dont want to give the impression that im a conceited person because apparently when u upload a pix, it has to be on the front page of the forum......which i did not know until now? XD im pretty slow lol....
    alrighty then! well i guess i got to dig up some pix. hey hey, to make this fair, how about u upload a pix of urself too? ;D do we got a deal?
    Yes, i'm looking forward to it! I love Dallas, but of course i will definately miss my friends and especially my family here.I hope the Dallas experience is worthwhile or else i'm going to regret it badly haha!
    aww thanks!!! you just made my day, im doing laundry right now and that's not the most exciting thing to do...personally, i think im normal-looking, but i appreciate it! :] no, no, no I don't think you're a creep, it's all good!! I currently live in Austin right now, but i'm planning to move to Dallas.
    hi, just woke up, haha yes i sleep alot! well it's monday (which is a day i haven't really liked) and my phone is quite silent, i guess everyone is busy so today will be yet another boring day....well anyways, im from texas haha!

    It's been killing me...but who is the girl that is hotter than Meagan Fox? I've asked so many of my friends and they all don't know...was wondering if you could answer me?

    Thanks hey

    Kind Regards

    Ya, she did but the video is embarrassing. I stuttering when I speak, and my arms were, you know.....so I put it on private. check out my other pictures
    yeah .. i like the fact that it's not pro .. kinda give the rough edgy look to it... pro seems so fake sometimes .. thx for sharing.
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