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  • sorry the super late reply LOL.

    lala bel tempo actually reminded me of a friend girl i really liked i the past lol
    sorry the super late reply LOL.

    lala bel tempo actually reminded me of a friend girl i really liked i the past lol
    yeah, its gone now, salt/honey/lemon blah blah didnt work, then i was like, "ok im going lemsip max strength".. next day it was gone... :D :D
    yaa take your time
    sheesh, i been real bad, i got a cold lol, horrible sore throat :(
    i duno if the lemon and honey is even working.
    (p1) Imo there is nothing wrong with being financially prosperous, there are many of them, if you have a high flying job or run a business then there’s a good chance you’ll have a lot of money. What matters is what you do with your money; everything belongs to God so if God blesses you with money you’re going to have to be a good steward because you’ll have to answer for how you used it when you stand before Jesus at the Judgement Seat of Christ. There is no sin in having a nice house or car, in the bible you’ll see many of Gods people were insanely wealthy but it didn’t consume them.

    But i think there are some Christians that God will prevent from becoming wealthy because if they did it would ruin them as they couldn’t handle it. But yeah some Christians are 100% against being wealthy; its sin to have a nice car or house, or nice cloths to them, but whatever brings a person close to God is good for them. Whether that be shunning money or not eating meats etc.
    (p2) As for the prosperity gospel that John Piper is talking about, that’s another matter entirely, the money made through that involves fleecing the flock rather than having your own legitimate job or business, I do think that’s very bad, and then individuals whose knowledge of the Gospel is based around getting rich quick, they have a false Gospel and will only lose money while their pastors make more and more and to make matters worse they probably aren’t even saved so their purpose in their church is to fill seats and provide money. Everything is money orientated and they tend to have their credit cards topped out, and as the bible says, the lender is slave to the borrower. Imo [FONT=&quot]God[/FONT] only wants contributions from those who are genuinely happy to give them, not people who only give for their own ends believing they will receive 100 times the value in return.
    (p3) I would rather be totally poor than be involved in this kind of stuff and I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of these mega-pastors when they face God, whether that be at the Judgement seat of Christ or the Great white throne!! >.<.
    great, glad you liked it, i really like the show but i eat fake cadburys chocolate cus im to used to it >.<, but i just got back from sainsburys, i bought some white chocolate to make choco crispies :eat: maybe one day ill try to acquire the taste for better quality chocolate :P

    ok enjoy yourself, cya later
    hey tiffy ~ -hug

    the exam today was ok lah~ but the one yesterday wasnt that good ...
    got a bad feeling although i could answer the most questions.
    hope it will b ok ~ im glad that it is over.
    but the next exams are waiting for me next week T_T
    but im gonna enjoy my trip in austria first. gonna take lots of pics and show it to ya~

    and how are you? have you bought your guitar yet ? xD
    havent touched my guitar and my violin for like a week T_T
    it was fun today~ so they (zoe's family) went back home.
    we "da been lou" today~ and ate peking duck !!

    although i have holiday for a week but i need to study a lot!
    i think i wont be online on msn that much for the few weeks....

    so youre back in manchester... back to your business. i hope you had fun at home ~
    hey tiffy~ :)

    almost forgot to say to u... san lin fai lok! !!
    hope you and youre family are having great time~ :)
    we will celebrate today cuz my parents had to work yesterday...
    and zoe is going to visit us today ~
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