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  • thanks for your kindness :)
    hope you ok with your work~

    i was browsing through the photoalbums of my friend.... hes also studying architecture...
    i though u would like it haha... actually... i find it awesome to make buildings with "paperboards?" haha dunno


    ohh hiii tiffy~
    your work is more important la~
    hope things will go well ! but i think you can do it!
    you put a lot effort on your work rite? it will b ok ~
    let me pray for you! =D
    hey tiff, ill check it out tomorrow and let you know what i think, i took a little peek (5 secs) and it was nice enough for me to rather watch it while im not so tired >.< cya later
    ohh yess~ i hardly drink peppermint tea... its not that i dont like it... im just always too lazy to make one ~
    but yesterday i drank a lot, and right now i still need some~ cuz my throat hurts D:
    Its time like this (summer) that makes me want to go some where up north .... anyways i need your opinion, if i asked you what fruit you like to eat if you had a choice, and your reply was watermelon. I ask why, your response is i like the smell.

    A) you have a perfume in watermelon scent
    B) you actually like watermelon that much to know its smell, despite watermelon done't really give a smell.
    haha, *hi5 about the uni work :) actually, i am looking forward to Christmas especially after listening to christmas songs hahaha. Heard of Last christmas by cascada? Speaking of which, how's the weather treating you?
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