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  • Thanks! ^^ I just found out I have one more due next week!
    And I swear the people who set the due date for the two assignment due this week has no sympathy...its due on September 11...Such Evil Bastards! Anyways, got facebook? :shifty:
    Busy T_T Been doing nothing but uni work and looking for jobs...next week 2 assignment is due and still haven't started LOL
    haha dont worry about it, IF you end up doing another year or resitting it wont be too bad, also dont worry about what uni you go to so much, i did that, my uni was one of the highest in my city and i had to get high grades to get in but thinking about it now, its not the be all and end all, now i wouldnt care what uni i went to, just about how well you do.

    but then usually parents push you in a direction for bragging rights.. been there >.<

    im ok thanks, just looking for some work for this year before i start working towards getting into the 'AAT' to become a chartered accountant next year :Talktohand:, lots of work to do :(
    sore throat, cold, block nose and sinuses LOL
    but its all gone now :XD:
    awww poor you get well soon, take plenty of rest, drink lots of water and eat lots of congee!!!
    2 words can summarise my holiday and 2 words can summarise my uni week
    Holiday: Street Fighter
    Uni week: A mess
    My uni messed up my timetable, so haven't got a set timetable for first 2 wks and now I'm sick as well...
    this is our mid year semester break, our end of year pone last 3 months lol
    I'm studying IT & Business
    nothing interesting been happening, just bored in this holidays, uni up on 27th for me LOL
    Mr Flames been getting himself in trouble and also in holidays LOL
    How bout you? xP
    one day?lol..seems like you're not gonna make it...try it again
    Before,i thought that Coldplay was just about rock..haha and ohh..it's your birthday~
    happy birthday then
    See I didn't make it til 7 hour after that hour lol, anyways happy birthday again :P -bday
    Happy holidays!!
    yeah it's from coldplay...hey,btw,you could try it with your piano..it will be nice to hear it
    ya only want single lid coz you have double lid...when ya got single lids you'll want double lids...-lol...on guys yeshh..so leng jai....kinda like korean dudes huh.....^^

    ooOOoo mango...<3 but some stuff in there is expensive...=/....show me...!!.show me your prom dress..!!!...

    yeshh it rained y'day and was pretty windy so the rain was like blowing the rain at an angle....so i was tryna hold my brolly to how the wind was blowing so it doesnt break it...and i walked into a phone box....wasnt looky where i was walking too busy holding the umbrella =.=

    seems nicer to day...^^
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