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  • awwww cute piccie....^^....and you have double eye liddy thingy....-blush2....

    and congrats to finishing your exams...!!...now sit back and enjoy your summmer...

    im good thx...
    and the weather its soooo crappy..so muchy rain at the moment (N)....SUCKS...!!!
    Keep your hopes up girl, you might get lucky and make it into the uni you want :XD: And also my uni was over on monday had my last exam then :XD: Wow a fun holiday for you lol, I'm just staying at home looking for a job in the holidays
    hehehe I like miyavi's songs LOL
    Busy...exams killing me...T_T
    But anyways good luck to you LOL
    Holidays for you after exam?
    hey not baddd...so you've only got 3 exams...?..
    good lucky for today~~~~!
    ya nearly there nows....just a few more days...add oil...!!!

    sowie to say this but...you've got plenty more stree to come as you get older...hahha..-lol
    nah once you've done the exam try not to think about it too muchy...whuts done is done right..?

    ooOOoo manc...!!..i <3 manc...and yeshhh the city is GREATTT..i go there from time to time....^^
    we could totally meet and complain about our crappy skin...pwhahahahaha...
    ookies...ya seem to have problems replying on that thread huh....hahaha...

    does it go bad-good, bad-good...coz ya stop using the steroid creams..?...coz ya only supposed to use it for like 7-10 days...if it gets even worse mebe ya should see DR soon..coz ya dun wanna it getting worse....

    when do ya finish your exams anyways..?...nearly the end right..?...how many exams ya had/got..?

    same same...making paper wontons everywhere....but hayfever seems to come and go...like when i wake up its pretty bad but then it goes for a bit...>.<

    im good thx....and you...how are you arr...?...
    ouch, good luck and study hard....:( in a half a month time exams begin for me T_T
    Want to join our fap clan? :shifty: Just put on a fap can as your avi lol headbang2
    I've been busy...just gave up on an overdue programming assignment...and now I have to work on another programming assignment X_x, so it's busy busy busy for me...
    And its last month of autumn for us here LOL, Winter is next month, but it feels like winter already, 16 degrees by day 10 degrees by night...

    And wow I've never reach 1000 word limit before LOL
    Our uni entry system...is base off what you did in the last year of high school and a big final exam these two marks both weighing 50% will count towards a final mark which is called HSC (High school certificate) mark and base on that mark and your high school's overall ranking, will generate a score called UAI (University Admission Index) which that score will determine what uni and degree you get into, well before you get that mark, you have to pick 10 courses and once you get the UAI, the uni will then offer you the course or not, by the time you have your uai you still have a choice to change your course decisions and wait for them to offer you.
    It's complicated... It's just like this:
    Last year of High school Mark 50%+ HSC (big final) Exam 50% = HSC mark 100%
    HSC mark and School Ranking (some kind of crazy formula there) = UAI
    uni will give you an offer to the course or not base on this score and their uai requirements.
    Evo aka Mr Evolution just done that last year
    Well not really, I have a day off uni, but got 2 assignment due tomorrow and I haven't even started, and 1 assignment overdue....found out I failed 2 exam, while 1 of them I failed by .5 of a mark and just pass 1.....

    Hahahaha exams for 16 and under, aren't those exams are useless ones, that they don't affect your entry to uni?
    had my exams already....I don't know what to say...since one of the subject I don't have lecture materials for it....got class in an hours time...need to get change now LOL
    Hope you have a great day xD
    Hahaha weekend is good but I don't like this one...marks the end of my mid semester break...
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