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  • hehehehe I know, thats why I snuck in here :shifty: LOL

    I've been alright, so how are you?
    Yep final year and the most tough one. Studying master of architecture in the Netherlands. in Eindhoven. Not sure you will know the place but a nice place to spend the time. I wish you a lot of fun during the architecture course ::

    kung hei fai choi arr...!!

    the weather is to blame as well though....but its also coz the heaters in your house are on...so it dries your skin up -__-" makes me think whut doesnt make excema bad =/

    aww thas great to hear....ya can relax a bit then...go and chill with your friends :) nah just do something else and take your mind off things for a while...take it easy they aint till the summer anyways...and it aint even spring yet...

    3am...!!...omgg....ya shouldnt be working its cny....!!!..

    ooOOo its now tues so im guessing you've finished carving..??...lets see your master piece..!!

    omgg same same...i hate wearing socks in bed too....feels weird....good luck with the gloves....ive given up with it...they're never on when i wake up anyways
    eeekk..if near eye its very related to stress coz my friend gets on her face when shes ubber stressed like when we have exams and stufff....its only really sore when youve scratched it silly...i can pretty much control mine its just when im sleeping i mad scratch...but thas when im unconscious though -__-" ive even tried wearing gloves at night but by the time i wake up the gloves arent on anymores...:(....mebe ya could try wearing gloves..?

    whoaaa that sounds even worst being allergic to dust...i hope im not....my skins sensitive as it is and its sooo annoying...
    hey..yupz....hydrocortisone works for a little bit...like it stops itching....but its still there >.< at the moment i just use baby oil....to make it less dry and layer it on with acqueous....got like a hugeeee tub of it at home haha..
    whoaa protopic sounds pretty dangerous....where abouts do you have your excema if ya dun mind me asking...just curious..coz i have a bit on my hands and some on my arm :(

    hehehe you too....hey at least it aint -12 like it was a few weeks ago....!...
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