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  • You full chinese or half (viet x chinese)? You didn't really reveal the mystery (?) on "my mum" thread xD
    Thanks for sharing!! Sorry about the rejection. It was brave of your mom to be on stage on TV. Impressive. Tell your mom I said Good Job!
    Just wondering if you were from London that's all.

    Is Manchester weather as crazy as London?
    lols yer i know ur a guy muahhahah lols
    and yer see u on msn! muhahahaha lols
    and yer add me on facebook ...........sooo i know ur not a asian wanabe pedo! muhaha lols
    jokes lols
    Lol yes we should just talk randomly lols
    not like i talk to random people in the streets lol
    and no iddidi think u were a girl lols
    ur i boy l0ols
    or a man ....or a manshe lols muahahah jokes
    Lol am i botherd~ lols
    am not botherd lols
    i talk to any one and i like anyone lols
    i dont do things like talking to peole just to go out with them lols
    and yer am chinese too lols
    see u on msn lols hahah muahah lols
    Lols no no
    my names ray but i got the name prada from school lols long storie lols
    do u have facebook lols
    add me ray prada lols
    speak to u on msn..... [email protected]! Muahahhahaha
    lols why do people say gaga is ugly .... Shes like. Pure. And nice and nice and emmm nice lols.
    But i got to say why did she become a pole dancer! Lols
    Lols~ u gleek!~ lol
    sorry for the random ness~
    but i love lady gaga! Lols
    and i couldent resist not comenting ur page becuse u have a coool
    pic of her'~
    best wishes prada~
    yup, and totally ruined Pain's image (i took a while to figure out what sat chak is XDD sigh @ my eng-canto)
    LOL! ur sig!! i knw rite FAILED!!! i was watching that episode and went WT???...
    OMG hayley from paramore tweeted her topless pic on twitter XD she got hacked LOL yum
    oh in ep 4 of mystery of love, that dad who pushed his wife & daughter down taped lots of those seals against ghost in his out, he left the house with his son at 8PM everyday, in ep 3 of galileo, the nephew of an elderly also did the same thing, he and his creditors are afraid of the elderly's ghost---there would be a quake every night at 8PM and they left at that time as well.

    TVB tries to differentiate themselves by adding more romance elements, its not that im a hater to that series, still gonna watch it, its just if they're really inspired by Galileo, just say it, dont say they created on their own or say stuff like oh its always those type of cases/genres etc. People who wrote it definitely took inspirations from Galileo, too much alike in the way they start it off, personalities, etc
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