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    Chinese Kids Named 'Olympic Games'

    very interesting, although aoyun is not abad name either
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    Did. DOG JUN leave for real?

    i wish he didnt leavee,e yah its pretty badd
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    Funnyest Person in BSS ?

    mo kay yon without a doubt brosef
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    this series pretty boring, im not gettin that vibe
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    Do you think anyone will die in the end?

    kevin, from my opinion,,,
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    Love Triangle: Charmaine, Kevin, and Frankie

    chgarmaineee loveee , shes really amazing
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    Kevin's acting

    yah i agree, his acting was amazin in this series
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    TVB is trying to save money?

    eh i think its to their convience actually, and they wanted to save t ime
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    Yoyo or Charmaine?

    i'd have to go with charmaineee
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    FH3 for sure

    yah definetly this series is perty good
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    Whos Better looking? (About male)

    dylan's better lookin man
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    How did you watch this drama?

    cantonesee, with chinese subsss
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    I hate this show because.

    yah thats so trueee, its insane , but sthey are talentd
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    What do you think of this series?

    series was good defiently , love the dogg
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    Myolie has the weirdest cry ever

    i agree her cry was pretty annoyingz