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    JSG AWARDS 2011

    Watching the awards this year, I can't help but think how much TVB had messed this once prestigious award assembly up. Now it is a total joke. The awards are predictable. The MCs are unoriginal and boring. I really hate how they tell everyone to hurry up. I understand this has to fit in a time...
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    G.E.M. Bashes Myolie Wu "Fat Wu", Stephy Tang "Can't Sing", Ron Ng "So Ugly"!

    We have to think in context of that time period in 2006-2007. She was still a very young girl and at that time, Stephy had that meltdown with trying sing "Lightbulb" live and couldn't do it. Myolie really was fat for that drama with Selena Li. She probly loved Raymond and wanted to trash all the...
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    Nancy Wu?

    In a way, I kind of support Nancy in this. (Ch 27 so far)
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    Teen An Sui Lui is really Teen An Sui Lui

    Acutally, yea it kinda matter. "Teen An Sui Lui" would be a bad girl. :p
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    [TVB-M] Lives of Omission - 潛行狙擊 (2011) [30/30][C]

    CH 21 : http://www.fileserve.com/file/J4UhTcz http://www.filesonic.com/file/1808296201 http://www.uploadstation.com/file/hZB3zpc http://www.wupload.com/file/129276870 http://freakshare.com/files/qeyk6fl6/LOO-E21-CKY.rmvb.html http://ul.to/wfdcgrvc...
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    Android 2.2 - When is it out?

    My G2 came with Froyo. I had to flash to get it on my G1.
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    Legalizing Marijuana?

    Frankly, I think the issue is how the law was written. It will grant cities the power to tax and regulate weed as their see fit. We will have a situation where it will be freely available in one city and then banned a few blocks up in another city. What scared a lot of people is the fact that...
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    Episode 6

    This guy is totally different. He doesn't have that terrible accent as Chan Hung Lit (rest his soul). He is call Bak Biu (white bill?). http://www.spcnet.tv/Jason-Bak-Biu-ac3208.html He was Kwok Jing on two different occasions. Once in the 1976 Legend of the Condor Heroes and again in the...
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    Are you enjoying this series?

    I cannot cannot stand Raymond Lam in this movie. His character messes up everything because he is too idiotic to think clearly. Simply retarded. (I've only watched to ch 20 so far).
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    Ending Thoughts? Series Thoughts?

    One thing that kept lingering in my mind at the end is: did Raymond's wife really sleep with Tony Kwan? I know the scene ended when she was about to kiss him, I was expecting to see a resolution in the end with her husband. She looks hot in this series, but damn, what a waste.
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    Linda Chung Ruins this series

    Are you sure it's a china accent and not a Chinatown accent?
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    Exactly. This isn't about if polygamy is moral or not. It's fact that she wasted so much time and eventually her life on jealousy. Pointless. On the polygamy issue. I am sure there would be guys who would share a wife if the society is set up such that a wife is expected to provide and take...