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  • i see, ah im gonna look it up. thx. tvbs? i dont watch tvbs, do u watch tvbs?
    grrr!!! its not letting me:( just tell me wats it about or tell me da name or something and i will look it up. i dont know wat im gonna do, i think my sisters are gonna shop there doh. is da shopping good there?
    oh, i cant get into da link u showed me for some reason...., really? i think im going 2 melbourne at da end of year.... hope i dont get swine flu :D and brisbane is da same, boring x600
    yesh, i hav seen it, and i hav it on my usb :D and hows life over at melbourne? i wanna see if its any different here.....
    yea, i hav his latest album, it is good. oh really, i only started liking her in 2007, yea, now, i hav 4 of her albums. and hav u watched 謝安琪玩謝安琪,(kay tse playing on kay tse) it is funny. if u havent watched it, i can give u da dl link if u want.
    lol, yea, u should listen 2 his songs, they are good. lol, yea, she had braces i heard, so does dat mean u liked her in 2005?
    leehom... i've heard of the name + seen the photos~
    never heard of the songs though....

    my order was i liked 1 song that was a MV showed in TVB
    then i did a little research on "kaY"
    she was still in her braces, but i really enjoyed her songs.
    then she had that "CHANGE" in appearance~
    now its all perfect =P
    LOL really? dats bad :P and i dont like janice for some reason...... do u know who wang lee hom is?

    do u know wat? this is da steps of how i became a fan of kay

    1. I thought she was hot :P
    2. then i liked her voice
    3. then i liked her songs

    and then i became a kay fan!!! ok dat was random :P
    oh ok, maybe im 2 young 2 know who he is. and good, god, i just found out dat i hav 50 songs dat are kay, but some of them are repeats....
    lol, yea she actualy sounded good there as well, and who is da guy? neva heard of him before. yea i used 2 like dat song as well.
    yep!! ii wonder if kay's acting is any good... yea, ur lucky cos ur old enough 2 buy da dvd, but me? im 2 young 2 get da dvd, cos i highly doubt they will sell da dvd in da shops here in aus.
    yea second movie in da same year.... no i havent seen it yet but i want 2.... its kay's first movie i hav 2 watch it :D and like u know wat? the director in da new movie is da same director in love connected, which means da director likes kay's acting :D
    yea, she said she couldnt even eat dinner with her family without thinking someone was taking pictures..... yea me 2 i wanted 2 see her concert but like u, im stuck here in aus!!! yea i will download the concert if they release the dvd.. :) oh and did u know kay is acting in a new movie called 戀愛達人 (Expert in love). she is actiing with raymond lam...
    yea but still give her some privacy...... yea and she really tried in her concert this year, and she sang pretty good... but her live on tv was pretty bad..
    lol, i got B+ for chinese.... yea more rumors... did u know, dat she got stalked by reporters and she cried.. so sad.

    yea she had surgery for her lung 4 times already, dats why wen i hear her sing live, it sounds bad....
    yea lol. chinese is so boring though... and did u hear they said kay had breast implants!!!
    lol, yea, chinese, is a bludge leasson for me..... and business is 2 hard..... lol we dont hav a subject called photography..
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