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  • oh lucky...im going end of next year
    yea schools is great for me, yea, i do media, chinese and business
    1997 is the year which HK was handed back to China,rite? wow, ur parents were planner.
    oh. u have had endured a great journey of life. interesting! '2 Chinese HK guy in Melbourne'. Wat inspire them? something tat is hard to imagine.
    eh,i din get any error in tis conversation
    yea lol. i start school next tuesday :D my holidays are almost over. wen do u start uni again?
    oh,u r a snake man. hahaha.
    wow,so many place u had travel. i'm the unlucky ones who just stay at my hometown. i swear i'm going overseas someday.
    btw,ur english shud b gud since u live in AUS for a long time. never mind if ur chinese gud,u can teach the AUS ppl there.
    PA is quite an interesting forum for sharing info, somehow they called it 'gossiping'
    lol, dats 2 bad :D. my oldest sister is 21 yrs old, and she doesnt hav uni till like the 27th!!! she is in HK rite now, having fun. damn i wanna go.....
    haha. me too,no good in 'selling' myself
    asian too,malaysian chinese...
    21 yrs old (zodiac-dragon)
    sabah, malaysia
    studying in UMS,local uni in sabah, malaysia
    err... i spend all day in uni n very little on PA!
    wow. studying in AUS must b very nice.
    u r asian guy from which country?
    LOL, me getting a car? im only 13.5 years old!!!! lol. im not sure if they are crazy or not. If i get swine flu i will just lay in bed for 2 weeks :D so awt do u study in uni?
    lol, yea, u need a plane, i need a car :Ddats a lot of schools. well i hav 2 people in my class dat just came back from america, so hope they get swine flu :D i so mean
    lol, yea and brisbane, there are 3 schools shut down, not mine though unfortunately :(. LOL neva knew dat many in victoria lol. the weather here is rainy rite now. pretty cold. lol, im only like 100km away from a theme park :D
    lol, yea, im in Brisbane. nothing happens here, In ur place there is swine flu :D
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