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  • Doubt the cam still works after 5 years...maybe its time to buy a new one...when it crosses my mind and when I'm in the streets
    its been 2 weeks, my ankle is getting better, still not fully healed but i want to play so badly lol
    btw i guess u are chinese ? :p
    Left it lying next to me in a store and next thing you know its gone...
    Oooh hanging with old friends, sounds fun.
    LOL webcam, I always forget to replace mine after I waterlogged it back in 2006
    yes i love playing basketball so i play seriously a bit too much....
    this time it hurt like hell, couldnt sleep the whole night
    because i remember the last time i talked to you, i said i sprained my ankle and this time again i got the same answer lol
    i really need to be carefull this time, i even play when im not completly healed :(
    lol 2 monthes later, my answer is the same hahaha
    i sprained my ankle this Saturday while playing basketball
    you bring me bad luck :x
    Kinda not that well I guess...>:( Got my bag stolen on thursday, thank god there was nothing important in there except my glasses.

    Anyways, what have you been up to for the past 2 months?
    Oh my name is Kenneth, just call me Ken. I pick you because everything just clicked. You know, timing, the mood, and stuff like those. Sometimes there is no explanation for something extraordinary. I like your profile music BTW.
    Well thats a lucky guess I guess...
    So what have you been up to in your holidays? Assuming it is holidays over there.
    Uni starts for me now D=
    awwww....now I have to put my brain to work since its holidays?
    Any clues to start me off?
    Don't know, maybe I don't dress like those asian guys or don't have a very asian haircut lol
    And here ya go, you've just know a very aussie asian man lol and a few asians in pa....
    btw the name is Daniel, whats yours?
    look at all these guys posting here, more active than the actual forums.
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