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    [DDL] Kimura Kaela - +1

    Kimura Kaela adds another entry to her album profile. +1 is the follow-up to Kimura's fourth album Scratch which soared to the No. 1 spot of the Oricon charts. Kaela's new 13-track album includes her most recent singles Samantha, Jasper, and Yellow which turned into Oricon top ten hits. Among...
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    [DDL] HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - Rock Pit

    Tracklist 01 Amazing -Prelude of ROCK PIT- 02 Break now! 03 TOXIC 04 フラッシュバック -digitalgrainmix- 05 HINATA 06 EARTH 07 *SKIT* 08 ギャンブリング 09 メキメキ 10 ZERO SYMPATHY 11 ROSIER 12 東京ナイト 13 手紙 14 木漏レビノ歌 -ROCK PIT ver- Please show your appreciation by clicking the THANKS button...
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    Merry Xmas W00t

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2008 to all PA'ers!-rockon
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    Tamagotchi (たまごっち)

    The Tamagotchi (たまごっち) is a handheld digital pet created in 1996 by Aki Maita and sold by Bandai. The Tamagotchi is housed in a small and simple egg-shaped computer. Three buttons (A, B, and C) allow the user to select and perform an activity, including: Feeding the Tamagotchi a piece of food...
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    The Asian Movie Review and Discussion Thread

    So people; we have a link on the Movie Review and Discussion Thread in the Non-Asian Entertainment section, this is for the Asian films. Post your reviews here -^_^ Rating 1= lowest; 5 = highest. Please do NOT post any spoilers. I will start first. My ratings: 1 = A disaster 2 =...
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    Photoshop help...

    Any pros at Photoshop CS2 here... Is there a way to edit your text font of a banner in CS2? Tq -sweat
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    Old people can Get It On as well!

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    Sex with a fat partner? Beware!

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    I get Fat because of my Toilet Seat!

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    Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith Part 2

    In related news, Mother Teresa fans say that revelations about her ongoing crisis of faith are actually a sign of how strong her faith was. "She was not a plaster of Paris saint, that’s for sure,” said Father Ted Gallagher, president of the Marists for Mother club. “We don’t expect this new...
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    Fancy a taste of royalty?

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    Feel like a 24-hour on-call doggie?

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    The Nemesis (The 2nd Coming) (working title)

    -evil It is here. The much awaited, brilliant, breathtaking and absurd masterpiece starring our own Popular Asians members. Enjoy. P/s: Pardon the exaggeration. P/s II: This is a work of fiction. All of the characters and events portrayed in this story are fictional, with the exception of...
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    Super Movie Cinema Nights Edition #6 ( Future Cops / Chinese Street Fighter)

    Please reupload :) A friend of mine is really desperate to get this movie. Thanks. -^_^ http://www.popularasians.com/forum/showthread.php?t=484
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    [Fantasy] THE NEMESIS (working title)

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    Bathing... Encounter with Nature

    http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2007/7/24/nation/20070724153903&sec=nation Those villagers like to take their baths in the rivers even though they have water supply at home. -lol
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    What do you usually do to vent your anger? If someone makes you angry, do you confront and scold the person, or try other ways to calm down before facing the issue? I think a very good way to vent your anger is work out a sweat. It's good way to relieve stress, and also in the end, benefits...
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    Have you ever stayed in a relationship...

    Have you ever stayed in an unhappy relationship for: 1) the sake of convenience? (because being in a relationship has been such a routine to you, you don't want to get out of it... or for example, if you stay together... and the problem of splitting up means moving out, etc.); AND/OR 2) Fear...
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    [Video] How to Eliminate Puffy Eyes

    How To Eliminate Puffy Eyes? JxfZZ7DRsNU
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    New Forum Info?

    Has anyone noticed a change in the PA forum layout today, or is it just my pc lagging? -sweat After some -detect I notice new information added right at the bottom of the forum page. "Total members that have visited the forum today" and oh dear, below, it listed the names of each and...