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  1. billy_lam26

    Salon Beauty 2002

    Anyone ave a downloadable copy of the 2002 Hong Kong movie called Salon Beauty starring Ellen Chan Ar-Lun? http://hkmdb.com/db/images/movies/9908/SalonBeauty+2002-1-b.jpg Here's an image of the movie poster.
  2. billy_lam26

    What are your opinions on religion?

    Whehter you;re a Chinese-Christian, a Buddhist, or a Muslim, what do you think about the importance of religion in your life? Personally, and not to sound offensive or anything, but I think it is a waste of time for me. I used to be a Buddhist along with all my family, but I could tell that...
  3. billy_lam26

    Anyone know the name of this babe?

  4. billy_lam26

    Anyone know the name of this actress?

    http://imgur.com/o6H1nvI http://imgur.com/oxC4eB1 She was in the TVB production of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000, and had a few parts in a couple of episodes.
  5. billy_lam26

    Anyone here of Chinese origin but totally illiterate?

    Well, I was originally born in Canada, but as a Chinese-Canadian, I can speak Cantonese (And only Cantonese unfortunately) quite fluently, but like many others, I cannot read a single letter of traditional or simplified Chinese. Anyone else here have the same thing?
  6. billy_lam26

    Don't you just hate "Animal Rights" Activists?

    People who are in PETA, or the ANF and take their policies to the extreme just piss me off. I could tell that they are probably more pro-animal than they are human. Make no mistake, I like animals too, but given the opportunity, I will definitely take up hunting if given the chance. Another...
  7. billy_lam26

    Anyone remember an old TVB series

    That was aired I think in 1998- or 1999 and it was one of those shows that were set in the ancient times, but it was actually more of an anthology of stories involving many character in different stories? I think it was called Liao Zhai, if I recall correctly, and I remember there was this one...