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  1. luckyjack

    What Colour Theme do You Want?

    I like deep purple or pink. If I need new design ideas I often check stock photos. There millions of images on different themes. I just found podcast vector on depositphotos. Vector images are resolution-independent and can be scaled up or down without losing quality, I use these images for my...
  2. luckyjack

    Vintage Clothing

    InLower is my favorite online store. Here you can find selected vintage and modern clothing,starting from sportswear to accessories. I love its color block full tracksuits sets, crazy rave track jackets, lightweight windbreakers, denim & leather jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts and much more...
  3. luckyjack

    What is best way to use Green Tea?

    that's interesting I like to take different supplements like Omega 3, Zinc and multivitamins. And I'm thinking of buying testosterone online, I read about top brands and al benefits of testosterone. Testosterone helps to build stronger muscles, burn fat, improve performance and enhance focus...
  4. luckyjack

    Do you smoke?

    I quit smoking a few years ago it was my best decision
  5. luckyjack

    Simple christianity question:

    I'm writing about Christianity right now too. It is the world's largest religion. I use research proposal help to investigate the impact of Christianity on social cohesion and individual well-being, this research aims to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on the importance of religion...
  6. luckyjack

    Europe Trip help

    I'm going to visit Europe this year too. I want to visit Paris and London
  7. luckyjack

    Recent architecture graduate students

    How r you doing? I study architecture too right now
  8. luckyjack

    PA's Official Book Lovers Thread

    1Q84 by Haruki Murakami is one of my favorite books.
  9. luckyjack

    Last Game You Were Playing

    Clash of Clans it is cool game.
  10. luckyjack

    Whats your favorite kind of games?

    I like easy light games with interesting plot. I like to play slot games from time to time. Since I found slots with high rtp I started winning more often. Slots are one of the most popular casino games in the world. Now I know a fun way to gamble and potentially win some money without risking...