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    Video editing software suggestions?

    I'm looking for a video editing software but I'm new to editing so Adobe and final cut is too expensive. I've been looking at this filmora software. Anyone using this? Any other software anyone can recommend?
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    Kodi streaming Hong Kong Drama

    Hi all. Anyone using Kodi streaming Hong Kong Drama/Movies? I can't seem to find a good connection for Kodi 17.3
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    The NBA has been boring to me this year until now! -tongue2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jASZKxSMhcM
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    New and Remodeled cars of 2012

    I'm excited for the Scion IQ (Not on this list). Thinking about trading my Prius in for one! 2012 Audi A6 (Redesigned) MSRP: $41,700 – $49,900 Highlights: Prestigious, Fuel Efficient for a Luxury vehicle. 2012 Audi A7 (New) MSRP: $59,250 Highlights: Audi’s answer to...
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    2011–2012 NBA Season - The Heat Are Champions!

    My predictions for the Finals Los Angeles Lakers Vs Miami Heat Finally these money hungry clowns are back in their jump suits to play some bball!! :laugh2:
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    Flashiest used cars under 20k

    On a budget flashy cars. I would go for the M3 on this list. The others are either not as flashy or just not practical enough to own. "When I graduated college I wanted to make a statement to the world. I had a pretty decent job, but school loans stopped me from purchasing my dream car a...
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    New girlgroup Up Girls debuts with “Love Me Boy”

    Although they’re from new company Starlight Up, Up Girls has had training and music produced by top producer Xiao Ke (Bejing Welcomes You). They’re company also has many connections, and they will soon be on several major variety shows. Its members, too, have considerable talent. Listen...
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    Who is Viann Zhang Xinyu?

    Nov 29th 2010 Since the story of Ron Ng came out Google searches for Viann Zhang Xinyu has increased two folds (My prediction). Rumors of her being involved with Ron Ng makes her especially popular in Hong Kong and those who follow Ron Ng’s news. Aside from her god like body (F cup breast)...
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    The New Prius

    I was amazed with the new Prius commercial with its solar powered cooling system through the roof! Anyone have one of these? I want one now...
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    What kind of dog do you have?

    I want a Boston Terrier :biggthumpup:
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    Photoshop non torrent

    Anyone know where I can find a copy? I want to make banners.
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    It's big in major cities/states but haven't grown to slower areas just yet. I use it for almost everything especially when i'm going to an area I'm not familiar with to research on restaurants. Any Yelp Fanatics in here?
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    NBA Fantasy league 06-07

    Trying to start a league for PA. If enough people reply ill start it up. It'll start in approximately 1.5 weeks. I know the season has started but it'll make it easier to analyze players this way. I was at least 8 people.
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    06-07 Nba Season

    New season in a few days! Finally I'm in a city with NBA teams! Recently purchased 41 game Clippers season tickets (I get first dibs on playoffs). My NBA Finals prediction: San Antonio vs Miami Heat: San Antonio in 6-rockon
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    Anyone in the car insurance industry?

    I had a few questions....can you guys name me some cheap to insure vehicles?
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    Affirmative Action

    I always feel that white people are against affimative action while minorities (such as hispanics and blacks) are for it. I get the vibe that asian americans (in particularly east asians) have mixed feelings about this case. For those unfamiliar with affirmative action look below. From...
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    FIBA World Championships : USA Wins Bronze

    I feel like they finally got their team straightened out this time, though I can't say they'll win gold for sure. 4-0 exhibition run...what do you guys think?
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    COMIC CON!! 2006

    http://www.comic-con.org/index.php Prom for nerds -coolio See you kiddos there
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    Iverson to be traded

    "With Philadelphia 76ers general manager Billy King all but announcing he is going to trade Allen Iverson this summer, it certainly appears the seven-time All-Star will don a new uniform next season. Iverson spoke publicly about the situation last week, saying that "he'd like to be in...
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    Would you give up a six figure job to cook?

    I have a friend who received a doctorate last year with multiple jobs offered to him upon his graduation (All six figures). He not only turned them all down...he flew overseas to become a chef stating that "Life is not about money its about doing what makes you feel your best". I've always...