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  1. J

    Paranormal Mind HKTV

    does anyone here watch this? what are your thoughts on it? personally? i like this story...a little different from tvb
  2. J

    Gloves - EP18

    who is vicky?
  3. J

    The Sister?

    michael tse's sister who is it? her name?
  4. J

    Alvin and June?

    gotta like these 2 the best! which other couples do u guys like? i wish the series would talk more about them!
  5. J

    So Seriously

    all this time i kept thinkin this was only 20 episodes... how the heck r they gonna drag this up to 30?
  6. J

    From episode 7 and on ?

    what are your thoughts now? i like how they talk about childhood and present...in a way... gotta love how they used beyond....too
  7. J

    Nancy Wu?

    first mature role? -tongue2-tongue2
  8. J

    From epsiode 11 and on

    ...illusion? imagination? there is no devil? but man....ray's appearance has really affected bobby a lot....if he isnt really a devil
  9. J

    Episode 8

    anyone notice that car during the wedding? with the plates AP 7? it was same car in ...born rich lol....
  10. J

    song in episode 24 and 25?

    anyone know? start of episode 24
  11. J

    Episode 17? ron ng at his best!

    being hasty and hot head! stubborn!
  12. J

    Is roger gonna fall for kate later?

    after watching some of 8.... have a feeling this might happen..
  13. J

    I wonder who is melody?

    any guesses? but is this char even gonna exist or just something made up?
  14. J

    Episode 14 looks to be promising!

    should be interesting...how hes gonna try to "woo" her
  15. J

    Linda's appearance

    at the end of epi 9....what made her want to stay for dinner with miss ho? she was so ...anti social...
  16. J

    Tony Kwan

    this guy is getting better and better at playin the bad guy!
  17. J

    anyone have this music clip...from episode 17?

    during the 17:06 mark till like 18th minute? when they were kissing and he walks away? lookin for this clip if anyone has it ^^
  18. J

    Ep 35?

    so...the previews for 36...says shes gonna be w/ yatming.. i think shes gonna betray yatming in the end...and return to the family? what do u guys think?
  19. J

    Dude asking for money

    hes so monotone... boring...horrible actor why must Kenneth ma be so annoying and stupid....so hard to watch..used to see his smart character...