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    What do you think of this series?

    After watching ep 1 and 2, it looks very promising. Steven Ma is a great actor. I enjoy watching Samuel Kwok play his father, just like in Safe Guards. In both series, they play step father and son.
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    Fashion Brand Names used in series

    飞?鸡毛 stands for Ferragamo does anyone know what does 哈密瓜 and LB stand for?
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    Bao Kwok-Yan 包國仁 and Gam Yiu-Kin 金堯堅 eps?

    Bao Kwok-Yan 包國仁 and Gam Yiu-Kin 金堯堅 is my favorite couple. big influence from best selling secrets lol can someone tell me what eps are about this couple, especially the one where they get together and start dating. thx
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    Main reason you're watching this series?

    Just was wondering why are some of the reasons you're watching this series? My reason is to see how Tavia becomes evil and how evil she will be. I really enjoy Tavia's acting from other dramas. And, so far I think she has done a good job. Especially, in the beginning when she was arguing and...
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    how to adjust the output size?

    Does anyone see the difference between the image on the left and the right? before i convert the rmvb file, it would play full screen on media player classic as the image on the RIGHT. But after i convert the rmvb into a avi file using winAVI, it would NOT play full screen on media player...
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    the girl who leapt through time

    Has anyone heard or seen this anime/movie yet? can anyone provide a synopsis?
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    [SONG]Best Bet Theme Song

    Does anyone have and can upload the theme song to Best Bet sang by Linda Chung. perferably full version, but tv rip is also fine. thnx!
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    Singer's Special Anniversary 2005

    After watching this "Singer's Special Anniversary aka 翡翠歌星賀台慶" 06, I really REALLY REALLY want to watch last years! Does anyone have and could post up a link to "Singer's Special Anniversary aka 翡翠歌星賀台慶" 2005? thnx in advance!!:D i really want to watch it when the girls won since in 06 the...
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    programs to type chinese

    i have been using nj star to type in chinese. but it has been getting annoy having to boost it everytime to avoid regristartion. i was wondering if anyone here has some good suggestions to other programs that i can use to be able to type in chinese for free. i heard something about...
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    does anyone have the world cup games and would be able to upload them. i want to download them n be able to rewatch them in the future. thanks.
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    DIvx DVD player

    what divx dvd player would you recommend? i heard the philips dvd 642 is pretty good, but does anyone know if it could play rm and rmvb files?
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    Do you like sequels?

    So do you agree or not agree that the original story/movie is always better and that the sequel is not good?
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    Hi, i like to request for whatever is takes with Benny Chan, Annie Man, Yang Yi. i believe it came out in 2002. thanks.
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    [TVB] - Shades of Truth

    Hi, the megashares for [TVB] - Shades of Truth don't work. http://www.popularasians.com/showthread.php?t=3115. Can you fix it? thanks.