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    The Walking Dead Season 2

    second that, it's indeed the best ep for this season, let's hope that the next one is from the same quality or even better.
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    The Forbidden Kingdom

    Didn't really liked it. I was happy when it ended.
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    Fav Stephen Chow Movie?

    From the few that I watch are the following 2 my favourite: Shaolin Soccer (2001) - also writer and director Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
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    AKB48 becomes the top-selling girl group in single sales

    I think that appearing in dorama has also boost the selling
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    What kind of Ice Cream do you like?

    I prefere lemon after that chocolate
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    The Walking Dead Season 2

    I agree with yr comment khaotic, I hope that he'll stay like that
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    Nice Korean Drama

    iris, city hunter
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    Teaser video for “Dream High 2″ revealed

    Goint to wath this, hope it's as good as the first one
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    What Do You Usually Do When You Go Out?

    Friends and I just go to a pub where we drink or sometime to a disco
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    The Bourne Legacy Trailer

    if the change the actor, they better stop with producing another one
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    I also find this one boring. Still have to watch 3 eps since month, but I can't just getting start to watch it to the end.
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    First D.I.E

    Think the same like that, first one was much better than the 2nd one
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    Handmade Swarovski Crystal Jewellery

    the Velvet Love is beautifull
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    How is DIE 2

    It's a good serie, but the 1st one was much better. But I recommend you to watch it.