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    Overall what i think

    I really did not like this series at all even though i like all the actors there. It was too predicable and they just suddenly know what each other plots are,its too unrealistic. I really like the girl that died of poison and Bernice i like though she can't speck prper chinese, she did well...
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    MTF 1 is better!!

    Minutes to fame 1 was better i think! MTF2 presenter was sits there and laugh, at least the MTF1 presenters make the most of the preformace,by commenting on them or joke around. Miriam ( i think thats her name) just sits there and laugh. she does not ding the preformers at all. As most of the...
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    What i think at the moment!

    I think it a alright film, though i don't like it going serious near the end(have not seen all of the film). Benny chan will become king or so i heard.