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  1. Piyoyo

    SNSD’s Taeyeon almost pulled off stage during performance

    Omg he just went on stage and dragged her....stupid security! Hope Teayeon didn't got hurt... go Soshi hwaiteng!!
  2. Piyoyo

    I’m injecting my eight-year-old with Botox and getting her body waxes so she’ll be a superstar

    This is just so wrong!! How can she buy botox to her 8 year old daughter as b - day present?! What was and is she thinking:no: If in the future the little girl doesn't make it as a star, I'm sure the mother will go crazy...
  3. Piyoyo

    [song] Looking for the cantonese version of this song

    Hey Nope, if you're still looking for the canto version, is Ronald Cheng 鄭中基 - 閉目入神
  4. Piyoyo

    Epic Boob Clamp

    omg :facepalm: I couldn't stop laughing.... how do they come up with this??:XD: euhm... never mind
  5. Piyoyo

    Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) chosen as most beautiful girl group by Japanese

    Woohoo!! SNSD hwighting!-bigclap
  6. Piyoyo

    Woman 'addicted' to eating toilet paper

    Why would they even start to eat toilet paper or chalk?? I don't understand >.<
  7. Piyoyo

    S.H.E Selina leaves hospital

    I just can't stop crying T_T......I'm so happy to see her bright face again!! Selina jia jo! S.H.E forever-bigclap
  8. Piyoyo

    Will Pan (潘瑋柏) - 808 (2011)

    Thx for sharing!:D I saw his new mv and it's good, but i can't help it.. it looks a little bit like Se7en's mv 'better together' don't you think? And there is also a scene that looks like a part from 'endless love'.... Well that's only my opinion, Wilber still looks handsome!:jump:
  9. Piyoyo

    Raymond Lam responds to negative news, heartbroken his sister is being made fun of,

    ok, now i feel bad because I saw those pictures of his sister and laughed -down.....
  10. Piyoyo

    Raymond Lam's Sister Resembles Wong Cho Lam?

    This is too hilarious! She really looks like cho lam in a wedding dress:XD:
  11. Piyoyo

    Yoga Lin and girlfriend G.E.M. battle Hong Kong paparazzi

    wow...Yoga really? I expected more from you... why fight with the paparazzi? You just gonna make it worst>.<
  12. Piyoyo

    [DDL] Girls' Generation (SNSD) - Into the New World 'The 1st Asia Tour'

    OMG!! I've waited for this for sooo long!! thx for sharing:D so when will there be a DVD out for this concert?
  13. Piyoyo

    Damn You Auto Correct!!

    omg!! it's too hilarious! I just can't stop laughing right now:XD:
  14. Piyoyo

    Nanny Caught On Camera Abusing 11 Month Baby

    OMG! how can you do that to a little baby?! Why is she hitting and throwing stuff at the baby? Those kind off people should be in jail or something! Sick man!-bash
  15. Piyoyo

    Who is this artist

    The guy is Lam Tsi Wing, I dont' know his english name... my sister was a huge fan back then! The girl's name I don't know, but i can sing along with the song :D omg i think i was 6 or7 when I first heard that song!
  16. Piyoyo

    Man Dies After Eel Eats His Bowels

    I just keep thinking how..... i made me really sick:nuts:
  17. Piyoyo

    Gigi Lai receives expensive gifts from husband for carrying twins

    It seems that she's very happy on the pic, I'm also very happy for her to find a husband that spoils her like that -clapclap Hope she will come back again on tvb-^_^
  18. Piyoyo

    Chinese Susan Boyle

    Wow he's great! I've heard "I will always love you" once by Z-chen Chang and this kid did a great job too-^_^
  19. Piyoyo

    [DDL] Bi (Rain) - Back To The Basic (Special Album)

    Wow first to comment! Thx for sharing! love Bi forever!:D
  20. Piyoyo

    Niki Chow is BMA's highest earning artistes

    I'm so happy for you Niki! you go girl :jump: