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    PopularAsian faces a major hurdle, Major Filehosts close down

    Lost my premium MU acct. Such a sad thing for Lunar New Year. I am hopeful that this will blow over soon. Happy CNY Everyone
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    Unhappy About Being Coldly Treated, Steven Ma Angrily Dumps TVB

    Steven isn't a bad actor, but I don't The Life and Times of A Sentinel was that good of a series. I feel like his character was a tad annoying.
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    My grandmother's friends are pissing me off

    Oldies are always gossipy. I agree with most of the people here and say just ignore them as well. They grew up with a different mentality and have a different opinion regarding girls staying over a guys house, but you shouldnt like it offend u.
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    First thoughts and impressions ?

    Not a very captivating show. Not really connecting with the characters yet, and it doesn't draw me in. Too soon too tell.
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    Kenneth Ma facial expressions *Beware of SPOILERS*

    LOL Kenneth and his crazy eyes... he really looks like someone that belongs in a mental institute!
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    Will you teach your kids Chinese?

    Most definitely would teach them chinese. It's an awesome language and I totally regret not paying attention in chinese school on sundays which is why i can't read or write chinese X_X
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    “Lie to Me” releases still-cuts of Yoon Eun Hye & Kang Ji Hwan’s kiss scene

    Pretty photo! I love the scenary... but I've never watch any K dramas yet. Subtitles are not my thing.
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    Hebe fuels bisexual rumours

    I wouldn't be surprised... but what's the big deal anyway.
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    [EP9] Did sam shui do it? [SPOILER ALERT]

    I think kenneth did a good job in portraying his sam shui character. Kudos for him.
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    iPod/iPhone Apps Recommendations!

    Cut the Rope and Angry Birds are extremely addicting and highly recommended. There's also a Angry Birds Halloween and X mas edition if you could beat the 1st one!
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    Lai Wah is ANNOYING!!!!

    LMAO... atleast Lai Wah is like super mean and bitchy annoying... if she's hateable then she's doing her job. On the other hand... Ching Ching is just annoying....
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    10 Times When Sex is a Bad Idea

    LMAO! I love this list... a husbands and wives list needs to be made to!!! Like don't give it up just because you want the trash or dry cleaning picked up ontime.
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    What do you do with your movies after watching them?

    I usually save the good ones to my external hardrive. The other ones usually go right into the recycle bin. lol
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    Yay Macy's hurt

    I wasn't referring to Toby as an actress. I was referring to the script writers... like I said in the original post... HOW THEY MADE HER CHARACTER...
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    Hong Kong/Mainland co-productions

    Well I think the both lai gin and hanson's ex have poor acting skills... (i have no idea why and how they were cast). I mean if you dont have the acting chops at least have the looks... They both have neither.
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    Yay Macy's hurt

    Lol.... I think its kinda funny how they made her character make a BIG deal about her being a doctor and knowing she will never be able to recover again and then 1-2 episodes later her arms are fine and she walked with some physical therapy sessions... I mean if you're a doctor and you claim to...
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    I hate that girl

    Sounds like you hate the character that the girl in the role portrays... I think her character isn't suppose to be a likeable one. Hey... you gotta have some bad people, annoying people, etc to sum up a cast. I would say I hate the type of person that girl portrays and I also dislike her acting.
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    What Is Your Biggest Fear?

    Heights... Bugs... Anything that's slimmy... Germs... bad odors... to sum it up basically anything that is in the gross catergory! LMAO
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    Theresa 杜麗莎

    I think she's pretty awesome... she's like the only judge that has something useful to say and her knowledge base is broader which can really help the contestants. Instead... people saying eh the pitch is not that great or eh I didn't like the song choice.