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    [DDL] Sistar – Loving You (Summer Special Album)

    thanks for sharing
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    Lin Jun Jie Discography (2003-2011)

    thanks , taking she says.
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    [KOR-M] Love Rain (Sarang-bi) - 사랑비 (2012) [20/20]

    thank you so much for sharing
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    Sammy Leung Touches Sharon Chan's Chest 20 Times in "Justice Attack"

    sometimes wish she act in a role that didnt used her body as a componment
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    [DDL] SHINee – Sherlock (4th mini album)

    thanks for sharing
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    [DDL] Kis-My-Ft2 - SHE!HER!HER! [03/21/2012]

    thanks for sharing
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    HK (Cantonese) live streaming

    thanks for sharing
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    Gillian Admitted to Using Botox

    seriously who cares, it not like you're fat or anything
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    Chen Qiao En & Ethan Ruan, Ariel Lin & Joe Cheng attends the Golden Bell Awards

    i think fated to love you will win at least one award, it was so popular.
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    Who is your Favorite charactere ?

    i agree with the census, raymond lam has been so ggod in this, his smugness is so undeniably sexy.
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    Favorite Characters (excluding the 4 main ones)

    besides anson i like the grandmother, her actions are so exaggerated. anson is so funny,
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    Vista Sucks!!!!!!!!

    i cant stand vista, there;s so many allow/deny popups.. grrrrrrrrrrrr
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    Dragon Ball Z - Movies - Cantonese

    you can split the movie with hjsplit, then uplaod to sendspace or megaupload, or filesend ( i think they dont have a file limit)
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    [TVB-A] Real KungFu DDL

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    Pants that are too long

    i usually wear really high heels with them or i cut them, i like the casual look about them,.
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    when i think of cockroached i feel dirty and i feel as if they are crawling on me. its much worse when i see a mouse, i will jump and scream.
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    Best Place to Work in America!

    wow, send me a application.