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  1. J

    Paranormal Mind HKTV

    does anyone here watch this? what are your thoughts on it? personally? i like this story...a little different from tvb
  2. J

    HKTV-M Paranormal Mind - 開腦儆探 (2015) [16/16][C]

    how much episode is there?
  3. J

    HKTV-M Night Shift - 夜班 (2015) [11/11][C]

    where can i watch episode 11
  4. J

    Diablo III: MAY 15th!!!!!! EVIL RISES!!!!!!!!

    if anyone plays season 4 hardcore let me know i can power level you!
  5. J

    The Fixer

    also, whats the name of the song that chin ka lok was singing to mandy? in episode 13?
  6. J

    The Fixer

    i agree...why is she even in this series?
  7. J

    The Fixer

    who is katrina? i wonder what she looks like not dressed as a tomboy
  8. J

    The TVPad Knowledge Center

    did anyone buy tvpad4?
  9. J

    Brick Slaves

    selina does a good job playin that crazy girl... i like vincent's ex more tho
  10. J

    Ghetto Justice 2 - 怒火街頭2

    more grace....please
  11. J

    Tiger Cubs - 飛虎

    best ending i've seen in a while....very good
  12. J

    Three kingdoms ending!

    if its a sequel then who would play it kenneth had no kids
  13. J

    Ghetto Justice 2 - 怒火街頭2

    ur watchin their looks lol
  14. J

    Three kingdoms ending!

    ending was very sad but something different for once.... need more historical dramas...
  15. J

    Three Kingdoms RPG

    zhou yu is so evil...lol was it really like this?
  16. J

    Three Kingdoms RPG

    i guess his exile would make sense why his name was not recorded in history
  17. J

    Three Kingdoms RPG

    who is the general that died...from sun quan's sword? never heard of him in 3 kingdoms period
  18. J

    Ghetto Justice 2 - 怒火街頭2

    yah....LENG LUI DOCTOR