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  1. hobogloves99

    Should friends date friends?

    In a bit of a situation now, this guy has admitted to liking me and i like him back, but we're already really close friends and we are from the same friendship circle. So our friends are starting to get suspicious and they don't seem to be that fond of us being together. But im just worried that...
  2. hobogloves99

    Back Tattoo

    Just wondering what u guys think about full/half back tattoos (on a girl). And what would u think if a girl had a full/half back tattoo (temporary of course) for their senior formal? And what picture do u think would look good? a dragon? Bought a tattoo off ebay and this is what it looked...
  3. hobogloves99

    Old member? new account

    Hi! Well i'm not exactly new, i use to use my bro's account (bobbylee) but i finally decided to make my own after a year and a half. So im from melbourne, but i was born in hk. love hk but my canto is pretty bad. I like going out with my friends, i love skating (esp slalom skating-i wanna...