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    Episode 16 - 20 On the First Beat 學警出更

    i just finished ep. 18, from about ep. 16 is my fav part in this series..... they were actually training like REAL and there's ACTION lol, and i heard this is the first series they actually made it like real with all the details of how they are...... Joey and Ron's relationship begin to...
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    Favorite Couple?

    my choice would be JOEY and Ron, definitely :D since Tavia isn't in this series that much anymore so i don't think she's really count, that's what i think :)
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    Joey Yung

    i love her acting, her role is started to be important as uniting Ron and Sammul...... maybe she isn't a great actress but she is a GREAT singer (everyone has to agree to this :D)...... love her singing and songs, such as the sub theme song..... it's pretty good........ btw, i heard that she...
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    Discussion Ep. 1

    well, so far i think this series disgusted me...... people eat the bun "man tow" with BLOOD of the person who just got his head chopped off and it was kind of weird in the town that Michael and Sunny went into....... I also think that Bernice played better in this series than Devil's Disciples...
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    Discussion for ep. 1-4

    well, this series is supposed to be about Art, Literature, and/or Education...... as you could tell be the title...... so i think it wont be as exciting as others..... Gigi is doing great in this series! do you think she'll go to see the doctor that Kevin introduced to her in Ep.4? well, i...
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    Episode 17 and 18 spoilers.

    They both will be with Bosco at the end, maybe that's how TVB's happy ending..... well, at least none of them die, except the FAKE-good people, such as Bernice's Dad Bernice sounds kinda weird in this series though, she talks so weird Whereas Shirley had improved a lot...... since Price of...