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    Myolie Wu Responds to Bosco Wong Infidelity Rumours and Break Up

    wow....i like this couple, it was nice to see on screen couple become off screen couple. just like robert pattinson and kristen stewart.
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    [TW-A] State 0f Divinity / The Smiling Proud Wanderer - 笑傲江湖 (2000) [45/45]

    tvb made this series in 1984 with chow yun fat and rebecca chan as well as in 1996 tvb version with Jacky Lui and Fiona Leung. but imo this 2000 version was the best. please upload in cantonese.
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    Daddy Good Deeds - Linda and Steven as a Couple

    they have been partners in many series....such as Ghost Writer, A Watchdog's Tale. i enjoy watching them.
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    [TVB-S] Jade Solid Gold - 香港十大劲歌金曲颁奖礼 (1983-2007)

    if possible, can someone upload these files again in direct download? thank you!
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    [TVB-A] Luk Siu Fung - 陸小鳳 (1976) [18/18][C]

    did anyone get the megaupload ones? i'm having trouble joining the 001,002 files together.......
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    What's king kong's wifes name

    it's good to see them together again after best selling secrets and off pedder.
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    Thoughts of the ending [SPOILER WARNING!!]

    i was waiting to see how steven saves the king, then surprise surprise, there was another secret behind his birth identity. did not see that coming.
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    Everyone is an UC

    when the ceo of the beauty secret company appeared at the music store, i knew right away madam jo was gonna be a UC. almost all the main cops are UC now.
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    Favourite Anime of All Time

    dragon ball, rurouni kenshin, doraemon, naruto, bleach, yu yu hakusho
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    Michael Tse as Leung Siu Tong "Laughing Sir" (梁笑棠)

    his conversations with his pet are really funnny.
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    Keith Lau (劉思傑) aka Rucco Chan (陳展鵬)

    i was surprised to see him as the main actor. he did a good job in this series.
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    Reccomendation For Korean Dramas

    for recent completed dramas, i would suggest sad romance: 49 days happy romance: best love action: city hunter
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    [Food] Whats ya favourite dessert??

    ME TOO!! i especially love green tea soft serve! YUM! but only had it 2x
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    What do you think of this series?

    After watching ep 1 and 2, it looks very promising. Steven Ma is a great actor. I enjoy watching Samuel Kwok play his father, just like in Safe Guards. In both series, they play step father and son.
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    [TVB-A] Beware of Your Bosom Buddies - 碧血洗银枪 (1984) [5/5]

    does anyone have trouble playing episode 1?
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    Daced canned fish

    love to eat this with rice....its the best combination imo.
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    Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary by kissing in public

    i believe both couples are considered model couples in the entertainment industry. glad to see them enjoying themselves and having a good time.
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    TVB's A Pillow Case of Mystery II - 施公奇案 II

    has anyone paid attention to the images shown during the theme song? i just realized that the murderer for each mystery was shown. why would tvb do that and give away the clues for each story, even if the cases are predictible. still great funny series! can't wait to see the case about 蘇英俊...