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    Leanne Li Ya Nan

    she is oke
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    Bernice Liu Bik Yee - 廖碧兒

    good looking and good acting
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    Carman Lee---"An AncientBeauty"

    it's a pretty woman
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    Maggie Lee Man-kwan (李曼筠)

    i don't like here
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    Stars in Wedding Dress

    they look's good
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    Ruby Lin

    don't like her
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    Gigi Lai 黎姿

    she still look's good
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    Ariel Lin 林依晨

    no thanks,don't like here
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    Linda Chung

    just the looks
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    Gillian Chung

    she os oke
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    Sharon Chan 陳敏之

    nice girl too see acting,good looks
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    Annie Wong Chung (鍾煌)

    who is she
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    Janice Wei

    good voice
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    Christina Chan Hau-man (陳巧文)

    who is this ugly chick
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    Who Is This HK Female Star?

    elanne kwong,she is good looking
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    who is she
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    Genie Zhuo

    who is she
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    Macy Chan Mei Si (陈美诗)

    is she new,i don't know here