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    Ep 20 Complaints

    well, Aimee was unaware that she was pregnant and she's like a "party girl" that likes to drink so i guess you can't really blame her since she never knew she was going to be pregnant from the start... IF....she knew she was 2 months pregnant and she was drinking then for sure I'll be...
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    hmm...I wished Alex Fong would be in this series....b/c he was greattttt in BF2! The storyline is okie in BF3..not that great or is it that bad.....it's just another normal TVB series. BUT, the chemistry b/w the couples arent as goood...i dont really like the pairs b/w all the couples....no...
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    Aimee Chan

    i personally like myolie's acting more than aimeeeee..... Aimee is funnie and stuff, but there's smth about her voice and her chinese that gets me errr bout it... myolie is more natural, but dont really like her in sweeet scenes.
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    [TVB-M] Heart of Greed II: Moonlight Resonance - 溏心風暴之家好月圓 [40/40][C]

    OMG! It has come to the end of this show and I really want to thank to all uploaders who have been uploading every series for us to watch! It is not an easy job especially from all the stress from other people. I know I might be wasting space, but I really want to thank all the uploaders instead...
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    [TVB-M] Heart of Greed II: Moonlight Resonance - 溏心風暴之家好月圓 [40/40][C]

    thanks waiteng86 for posting announcements and uploaded the episodes! you are great! Thanks all uploaders too!
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    [TVB-M] Heart of Greed II: Moonlight Resonance - 溏心風暴之家好月圓 [40/40][C]

    Hey! Just a quick question...I read from somewhere that TVB is stopping all shows for the olympics...is that true?!?!
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    [TVB-M] Heart of Greed II: Moonlight Resonance - 溏心風暴之家好月圓 [40/40][C]

    Thanks so much for the upload! This show is great! Raymond is cute! =) Thank you so much for spending time to upload! I really appreciate it a lot! =)
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    [TVB-M] Forensic Heroes II - 法證先鋒II (2008) [30/30][C]

    thanks guyz for the uploads! i appreciate it a lot! this show is getting more and more exciting! =D
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    Episode 19-20

    I think this was a great series! So far one of the best one in 2oo8!!! love linda in this show! so goood! =DDD i felt bad for fala chen...i don't think she deserved to dieeeee~
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    Fala Chan as Sing Yat Mei

    omg! i never knew she dies in the end?!?!?! o_O yesterday's preview showed her hitting linda with a car!!! omg if i was steven i would be so mad!!! the character of her in this show fix her really well...I think she can never act an innocent girl!!! buh her acting is okay here..more room for...
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    [TVB-M] D.I.E. - Death Investigation Extension - 古靈精探 (2008) [25/25][C]

    thanks for sharing! =) i love this show..makes u think..haha
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    [TVB-M] Wars of In-Laws II - 野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶 [20/20] *COMPLETED*

    This is great! thank you soo much guyz! i am so excited!
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    [TVB-M] Wars of In-Laws II - 野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶 [20/20] *COMPLETED*

    thank youuuuu so much! i can't wait to watch dis series...first series that is HD!!! Happy New Year EVERYONE! =D
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    SPOILERS - Ending... Only read if u want to!!!

    the ending for this show was OKAY...buh i find it very creative and unique when all the main character dont turned up "happily" as other tvb series kind of do. and how all the main character all go against the law and get charged for certain stuff. (ie/ yoyo and moses) buh there was one thing i...
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    [TVB-S] TVB 40th Anniversary Show *COMPLETED*

    thank you so much! cant wait to watch it!
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    [TVB-M] On The First Beat - 學警出更 [30/30][C]

    thank you so much for sharing and uploading so fast!
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    [TVB-M] On The First Beat - 學警出更 [30/30][C]

    thank you everyone for uploading and getting us up-to-date~ =) episode 17 ended us with a cliffhanger!! >.<
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    [TVB-M] On The First Beat - 學警出更 [30/30][C]

    thank you so much for uploading....u guyz r great! dis series is getting exciting!!!
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    [DDL] Kary Ng - In Control [Released June 8, 2007]

    Thank you so much! She is a great singer! Can't wait to listen to her new album! =D thx for sharing~
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    [DDL] Kenny Kwan - In Progress [Released June 1 ,2007]

    wahhaha..so happie dat another kenny's cd is out!! =) i hope it's good! =D THank you soo much for sharing!