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    Facial hair or not?

    i dont like havin facial hair i think i look better wit out it but it jus depends on ur face
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    Tyra Banks Sex Talk with Bow Wow

    haha gardening gloves
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    For the Canto speakers...

    i cant consider myself fluent i struggle saying some words sometime because im so used to english i sometimes alternate between english and cantonese
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    Will you teach your kids Chinese?

    well its just how it is unless u set ur rules to english at school chinese at home but yea ill teach my kids chinese
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    the series is okai i guess it could of been better i still watched it however i didnt pay much attention to it lol
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    Overall what i think

    ehh it was okai the series could of been better but i still watched it
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    The Ultimate Crime Fighters

    haha it was a great series i enjoyed it a lot
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    Do u like this series?

    funnii series i enjoyed watching it cracked me up a lot
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    Do you like this drama?

    this series wasnt that bad i liked it da first 10 episodes but i couldnt last to see the rest i kinda got bored lol
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    Is it me or it getting boring?

    i dont blame u theres 220 episodes and they're 40mins each i wouldnt even last the first 100 lol
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    jennifer lopez

    if only i kan say congratulations to her haha i didnt even kno she was married
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    new movie

    haha u kno all da guys prolly gonna go watch it mainly cuz of jessica simpsons but they wouldnt understand da movie ne way lol
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    Transformers Star Shia LaBeouf Arrested

    i always thought he was a good person but who knew he would get arrested
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    A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

    i cant believe at the end she chose bobby instead of danny only because tila didnt wanna ruin the great friendship they had together so she chose bobby i think that it was a good decision because i didnt like the way danny looked anyway wouldnt fit tila's type since tila is so sexy
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    Rihanna - fresh november photos

    rihanna is pretty love her songs and the way she looks =)
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    Britney's Childhood: An Specialist Explained How She Shaped Her Behavior Today

    now i know the true reason why brittney is the way she is now i always thought it was kevin and how he treated her and the way she lived with him
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    The Forbidden Kingdom (Jackie Chan/Jet Li) - Trailer/footage

    i never thought jackie chan and jet li would be in a movie together i would see it but again i wouldnt wanna see jackie chan being the clown on and jet li being the serious killer in da movie
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    Britney's Teen Sister Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant!!

    many ppl say she would never turn out like her sister but wut do u kno she turns into another version of brittney
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    Britney Spears' Secrets: Sex at 14, Her Grandma Committed Suicide at 31

    its true that brittney's life isnt as great but.... losin her virginity at 14 isnt nethin i do agree dat her life is messed up but hey things change wen u meet ppl ya kno
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    New Paris Hilton?

    no matter how many times she goes to jail she never learns her lesson mayb cuz they treat her better den everyone else cuz of her looks nd wut she'll give up