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  1. goo wak jai

    [TVB] The Rise of a Kung Fu Master - 南拳蔡李佛 (1988)

    Hello, Does anyone by any chance have or can find "[TVB] The Rise of a Kung Fu Master - 南拳蔡李佛 (1988)" in cantonese? There's 20 episodes in total. It's a great series, and i'll really appreciate it if it is uploaded on popularasians. Many Thanks.
  2. goo wak jai

    Champions League 2009-2010

    Season started couple weeks ago but there's still no thread so i thought i'd start one ~ Real Madrid's spent a lot of money in the summer but i think it'll still be dominated by the english teams xD
  3. goo wak jai

    Champions League 2008 - 2009

    Group stages started today, who's going to win the champions league this year then? I think it'll be the english teams who are going to dominate again.
  4. goo wak jai

    Wimbledon 2008

    I think it's going to be either Federer, Nadal or Djokovic who'll win it this year. I do hope Federer wins it this year tho, he needs more points.
  5. goo wak jai

    Euro 2008

    Starting this saturday!
  6. goo wak jai

    Mourinho quits Chelsea

    Well yesterday night Mourinho quitted Chelsea. Man i'm shocked about this, it probably was because of a fallout with Roman Abramovich. I think Abramovich expects too much from Mourinho. Mourinho's probably one of the best managers in the world, he's won two straight premier league titles with...
  7. goo wak jai

    2007-2008 UEFA Champions League

    Post everything about the champions league here. First here's how the champions league table currently stands: table taken from uefa.com Liverpool for the Champions league!
  8. goo wak jai

    Wimbledon 2007

    Yo any1 been watching this? i've only watched like 1 match lol I watched the henmen game where they were both drawing 2sets and the last set went on forever... in the end henmen won 13-11 i think lol. any1 else seen that game?
  9. goo wak jai

    2007 Champions league final... Liverpool vs Ac Milan

    Hm, decided to create a thread for this. man i relli wanna go to athens now and watch the match. well go Liverpool!!!
  10. goo wak jai

    Favourite football player(s)

    Not sure if there's a thread about this or not. Anyway my fav football players are Christiano Ronaldo, Steven Gerrard, Thierry Henry and Van Persie. What are yours?
  11. goo wak jai

    [DDL] Koda Kumi - ~Best Bounce & Lovers~ [Released March 14, 2007]

    BEST ~Bounce&Lovers~ is the third best-of album by Japanese pop star, Kumi Koda. The tracklisting for the CD will only contain Koda's ballads, and feature a track penned by Hideaki Tokunaga, while the DVD will feature certain music videos reedited to show just the dancing scenes. The album is a...
  12. goo wak jai

    [DDL] Koda Kumi ~ Black Cherry [Release Date ~ December 20, 2006]

    Black Cherry is Koda Kumi's 5th original album (though her 7th in total). This is her first release after her two Best collections. Much like the two best collections before it, this album comes in three editions; a CD only, a CD+DVD and a CD+2DVD version. Release date: 20 December 2006...
  13. goo wak jai

    TBOL or DB

    So which series do you like better? From what i've seen i think the brink of law is a better series than dicey business, even though dicey bussiness was a good tvb series.
  14. goo wak jai

    PA change?

    Hey what happened to PA...was on yesterday night then when i went on this morning it changed quite alot...well it looks quite good with the poll, calender etc.-bigclap
  15. goo wak jai

    Favourite fruit or veg

    So are u ppl healthy eaters? Well i eat like quite alot of fruits and veg everyday Anyway what are ur favoutie fruit or vegetables?
  16. goo wak jai

    Champions league final!

    So who here watched the Champions league final? And what do u ppl think of the match? Well i thought it was a good game and i wanted arsenal to win it.