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  1. dandycasper78

    Which online cosmetic shop does ship to UK?

    hello, do you know any US brand of care cosmetic for woman that can ship to UK? I've found are lot of websites but I really don't really trust them well. Recommend some of your favorites please. I want to buy some organic cosmetics for my mature skin
  2. dandycasper78

    What hair products do you use?

    Do any of you use aloe vera gel for styling? I've read that it can have a good amount of protein, which is probably not the best option for the low porosity hair I have, but I suppose it can't get any worse than all those silicones. I hope it doesn't dry out my hair. I use a shampoo, then a...
  3. dandycasper78

    What is best way to use Green Tea?

    Do yourself and your skin a huge benefit! Keep tea tree patches handy if you really need help. I have tried so many brands of acne products and these are by far the best on the market. Last night I put them on a few acne problems (a small cyst, a whitehead and a pimple that I shouldn't have...
  4. dandycasper78

    Secret of Beauty

    you can start simple) wash your face with cold water and dry your face with disposable paper towels