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  1. don

    Picture of your aquarium and all!

    Pictures of your aquarium and all! A thread dedicated to aquariums, plants and fish keeping. post them here -sorc The pictures I posted earlier in the other thread, I'll post some new ones from time to time headbang2
  2. don

    Wayne Lai to Lead TVB Series for the First Time

    Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Rabeea Yeung, Gregory Lee Wing Ho, and other TVB artists born in the month of May appeared at the "May Birthday Party Celebration." Wayne's birthday was on May 4th, thus he already celebrated with his family. Delightfully surprising Wayne, his son delivered Wayne's gift via...
  3. don

    Edison Will Return to Hong Kong for Court Hearing:Whole Family Became Christians

    Allegedly, the male lead of the celebrity nude picture scandal, Edison Chan has become a Christian after the scandal. Yesterday, Edison’s sister Tricia attended the “新地孝子孝女共迎母親節 (Good Sons & Daughter for Mother’s Day)” function at the Tai Po Mega Mall. She responded to the questions about...
  4. don

    Kenix Kwok : "I Am Ready to Have a Child"

    Since Kenix Kwok Ho Ying left TVB, she has rested for nearly one year. Several days ago, she signed with a new company, Style International Management, to represent her. The company currently represents Aaron Kwok's girlfriend and model, Lynn Hung, as well as Angelababy. Will Kenix become the...
  5. don

    An Amazing Choirboy Andrew

  6. don

    Sammul Chan Refuses to Submerge Head in Dirty Sea Water

    Sammul Chan Kin Fung, Leung Ka Kei, Lee Ka Sing, and Bak Biu filmed a water scene in the bay for "The Academy 3" 《學警狙擊》. The scene spoke of Leung Ka Kei refusing to dive into the water to save another person's life. Instead, Sammul Chan plunged into the water for the rescue. Yesterday was...
  7. don

    Kate Tsui Hot Favorite to Win Hong Kong Film Award

    The 27th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony will be held on April 13th. Best New Performer nominee Kate Tsui Tsi San went to a Chaume jewelry store in Central district to select diamond accessories to wear for the event. Kate said that there will definitely be a celebratory dinner held...
  8. don

    Steven Ma Goes on a 15 Day Cruise Vacation

    Last month, Steven Ma Chun Wai requested vacation days from TVB to join a cruise tour. On the 15 day trip, Steven went to Kobe and Hiroshima in Japan, as well as Dalian, Shanghai, and Beijing in China. He spent the last 3 days of his vacation in Beijing and flew back to Hong Kong afterwards...
  9. don

    Another Ending for “D.I.E”

    Another Ending for “D.I.E”? Yesterday Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Kenneth Ma and others attended a promotional function for the series “D.I.E”. Originally the organizers planned a “water battle” promotion. All the artistes prepared swimwear underneath their clothing but the event was cancelled...
  10. don

    The World's Hardest Game

    http://www.addictinggames.com/theworldshardestgame.html :laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    Movie King Seeks Help From God of Songs:Leslie Cheung Memorial Concert Starts Tonight

    Tomorrow will be the five year death anniversary of Leslie Cheung. Leslie’s group of good friends will be supporting the memorial event. They will sing some classic Leslie songs as a tribute to his memory. There will be “God of Songs” Jacky Cheung, “Movie King” Tony Leung, Karen Mok, Joyce...
  12. don

    Mani Fok Making Sherman Chung a Star:Not Because of Gillian Chung

    Yesterday Sherman Chung held an autograph session in Tai Po. EEG executive Mani Fok was there to give her support. Mani jokingly said that she usually reminds Sherman that she needs to diet and slim down a bit and to keep a smile on her face. Mani told Sherman that she will have a chance to...
  13. don

    Gaile Reveals Her Surname is Lai

    Leon Lai and Gaile have not appeared in the public together ever since marriage rumours were publicized. Last night, Gaile came out to attend the “Ed Hardy” function. The guest list for the function made its’ way into the press. It was revealed that Gaile’s name on the list was listed as Gaile...
  14. don

    Myolie Wu Goes Into the Kitchen to Get Ready for Marriage

    Myolie Wu is good at cooking. Yesterday, she was invited to tape an episode of “星級廚房”. She demonstrated her best dish “Myolie’s Fried Milk”. She jokes that after taping the programme she can get married. Because Halina Tam got married after taping the show and Chef Chou Chung praised her...
  15. don

    Ron Ng Loves a Lady : Not Interested in Elanne Kwong

    Yesterday Ron Ng and Elanne Kwong filmed outdoor scenes for their new series. This is the first time they have collaborated on a series and they talked about their age secret. Elanne is twenty and thought that Ron was around her age. After she found out about Ron’s actual age, she praised him...
  16. don

    Man claims he's pregnant

    March 26, 2008 A TRANSGENDER man has claimed to be pregnant with a baby girl, according to reports. Thomas Beatie, who was born a woman, reportedly said the experience has so far been "incredible" and he is lucky to have such a supportive wife. The Oregon resident, in a piece written for...
  17. don

    Fitness Guru Jung Da-yeon Debuts as Actress

    Jung Da-yeon is set to play a fitness trainer to the characters "Kyung-ran" and "Eun-young" in the TV drama "Aquarius." Shooting begins on the 30th and the drama will begin broadcasting in the middle of April. The director for "Aquarius," Kim Soo-ryong, explained in a phone interview that...
  18. don

    SG WannaBe Ranks 10th on Japanese Oricon Chart

    APopular male vocal group SG WannaBe's debut album in Japan entitled 'I Love SG WannaBe' has kicked off to a favorable start by landing on the 10th spot on the Japanese Oricon Chart's daily album chart. On March 20, the group held a special event in Odaiba, Tokyo to celebrate the release of...
  19. don

    Maggie Cheung Recovers from Illness and Goes Back to Work

    Maggie Cheung Ho Yee is currently filming a real estate property program, 《更上一層樓》, for TVB. Maggie has to film 2-3 days each week for the program. Since she often visits luxury properties, she has benefited greatly from the experience. Although joking that she can not afford to purchase a...
  20. don

    Yoyo Mung & Ekin Cheng Moving In Together?

    Although Yoyo Mung Ka Wai and Ekin Cheng have only dated for one and a half year, Ekin allegedly bought a $28 million (HKD) luxury home in the southern bay to serve as the couple's love nest. The pair were spotted shopping for furniture in Happy Valley. Yoyo appeared to make all the decisions...