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  1. faiRy-taleZzzz

    Joey Yung 容祖兒 - Joey & Joey (2011) , Release date : 26 Sept 2011 (320K)

    thanks for sharing! i've been waiting for this album for real long!
  2. faiRy-taleZzzz

    [DDL] Sam Hui 許冠傑 - The Greatest Hits Of Sam Hui (4CD)

    awww...can you please re-up this album? i've only managed to download the Megaupload link! please!
  3. faiRy-taleZzzz

    [DDL][Album] John Mayer - Continuum

    Can anyone please upload the John Mayer Continnum album? The link on the ddl section has expired = ( Anyone pls!!
  4. faiRy-taleZzzz

    ~(thE oFFiCal PhY pHy THreAd)~

    omg omg!phyy!!!i just realise one thing...our birthdays are soo close!!ur's on the 21st of August and i'm on the 22nd of August!!!LOL!
  5. faiRy-taleZzzz

    : faiRy-taleZzzz's recording studio :

    updated 21/01/08 Can You See (你看得見嗎) - Gillian Chung
  6. faiRy-taleZzzz

    : faiRy-taleZzzz's recording studio :

    haha..yup sure = ) shou ni ai wo it is then!erm nah it's ok..i can get the pin yin's..just the split lyrics will do = ) so who's mixing?me?
  7. faiRy-taleZzzz

    : faiRy-taleZzzz's recording studio :

    lol..omg it's soo hard for me to pick too! >.< well i don't mind singing any of these 2 songs : Re Dai Yu Lin (熱帶雨林) Shou Ni Ai Wo (說你愛我) re dai yu lin is a pretty old song..fine tuning and stuff..shou ni ai wo is sorta new..and i don't ind too..lol..i dunno!erm..which do u prefer...
  8. faiRy-taleZzzz

    [DDL] Jill Vidal - Silly Girl

    I was uploading this song for a friend so i might as well post it here as well = ) Enjoy! Jill Vidal - Silly Girl
  9. faiRy-taleZzzz

    : faiRy-taleZzzz's recording studio :

    PhY pHy: lol!erm i have no idea!? >.< well u can pick which ever that's suitable for us or any..?i can learn the songs..hehe..but not a fast song since i will get tongue tied >.< lol
  10. faiRy-taleZzzz

    : faiRy-taleZzzz's recording studio :

    updated 12/01/08 :: 心領 (Sam Ling) - Raymond Lam & Linda Chung :: :: 零時零分 (Midnight) [FULL VER] - Joey Yung ::
  11. faiRy-taleZzzz

    [DLL] VA - All Star Christmas

    oh can anyone pls load this to another server?all the megaupload slots are full = ( pls anyone???? = (
  12. faiRy-taleZzzz

    : faiRy-taleZzzz's recording studio :

    frostshards: hmm..alright..i will give it a try then = ) thanx for spending ur time to guiding me = )
  13. faiRy-taleZzzz

    : faiRy-taleZzzz's recording studio :

    frostshards: hey..yup..i know..i sound very airy at times..i don't really know how to handle my breathing >.< but i'll work on it = ) thanx for listening! kdotc: yes i'm on hk-mtv..hehe..but i haven't been in the forum for quite some time = )
  14. faiRy-taleZzzz

    : faiRy-taleZzzz's recording studio :

    updated 2/12/07 ll 零時零分 (Midnight) [1 take demo] - Joey Yung ll
  15. faiRy-taleZzzz

    : faiRy-taleZzzz's recording studio :

    boii: off in places?hmmm yea..i think so too...
  16. faiRy-taleZzzz

    [DDL] 謝安琪 (Kay Tse) - 鍾無艷

    hmm..guess it's worth giving it a try since it's Kay u're talking..hehe..thanx for sharing!
  17. faiRy-taleZzzz

    : faiRy-taleZzzz's recording studio :

    brown_bear: lol..well there are others that have way more song than i do.. >.< lol Nervios: lol..u got me! >.< yup i'm also on AF..hehe.. well back to ur comments..erm yup yup..i don't sing mch english songs..so i tend to get nervous >.< gaah! a huh a huh..breathing difficulties and...
  18. faiRy-taleZzzz

    : faiRy-taleZzzz's recording studio :

    dorkyfobx3: omg soo sorry for the late late reply >.< haven't been on PA for soo long...gaah!oh yup yup..i see ur name on AF now..hehe = ) chi_man: lol..naah not that good >.< thanx anyway! Phy pHy: the joey song?which joey song?haha..i sang like a few >.< oh a collab..yea sure!!!whee...
  19. faiRy-taleZzzz

    I Have A Date With Spring (我和春天有個約會) by Anita Mui

    lol..i know this is tooo much to ask for since it's a reallly reallly old album >.< i really wish someone could share it with me if u have it..pls! the instrumental or the whole album anyonee??? hugx, sammy
  20. faiRy-taleZzzz

    ~*Dawn*~, Brown_bear & MissAngieCheeks

    wah...u sound good!even without the music u're already sounding perfect..i bet with the music u will sound flawless!!