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  1. wind2000

    Mom Forces Son to Kill Hamster After Getting Bad Grade

    And how true is the son's version alleging his mom forced him to do so?
  2. wind2000

    How deep of shit you in now? :P

    How deep of shit you in now? :P
  3. wind2000

    Is it too much to spend?

    What did she get for you?
  4. wind2000

    Been busy with work and summer class these days. How are you doing?

    Been busy with work and summer class these days. How are you doing?
  5. wind2000

    What does it mean when a guy

    Was it the P0rn Show that you met him? :jb: He's probably just being flirty. But one thing for sure, you shouldn't start having feelings for him if you have a bf already. Btw, guys do remember things too. Just bc we remember something, doesnt necessarily means that we are interested in...
  6. wind2000

    Virgin chalks up £2m proposal

    Is it me or MG always looks at those virgin listings? oO
  7. wind2000

    How to Install Love

    Nice one :)
  8. wind2000

    Call, Txt or Do Nothing?

    Opportunity for?
  9. wind2000

    39" is small but full of evilness *smirk* howdy little mui mui :)

    39" is small but full of evilness *smirk* howdy little mui mui :)
  10. wind2000

    11 yr old college graduate

    Be what we cannot be, make a heap load of $$$$$ by the age of 30. :ohnoes:
  11. wind2000

    Dumped mattress lands cash in trash in Israel

    Now its dirty cash -lol Mom must have been awfully upset when her daughter wanted to surprise her.
  12. wind2000

    Deadly new flu breaks out in Mexico, U.S.

    ^I think survival is more important than education considering the fact that this virus is a recombinant of highly cross species and mutating strains which means counter measures would not be available or time consuming to be developed.
  13. wind2000


    yea i got the same impression too. -bigsmiles maybe you can make the guy see the errors of his ways? :punk: if the woman was successful and pretty, i dont think negi would mind and his post would have been like this:kekekegay:
  14. wind2000


    Well considering the facts that he was touched by guys > kissing a coworker > attracting same gender affection wouldn't you call exciting? :naughty: Negi is a reg casanova!
  15. wind2000


    Is he only doing it to you or others as well? Your life seems to be full of excitements like that -lol
  16. wind2000

    This really annoys me....(wrong image of Asians)

    I don't see how you should be ashamed of "Asians"... Many prostitutes do not become what they are by choice but because of many factors: poverty, lack of education, etc... What you really ought to be ashamed of is your friends. They call themselves your friends, yet rub topics that aggravate you...
  17. wind2000

    No more 5c's but new 5b's‏

    LOL, that description is perfect for a golddigga.
  18. wind2000

    A keeper or not

    Ask him what would he do if she comes back and the purpose of his questions.
  19. wind2000

    Britans got Talent - Biggest yes Ever !

    the fact that she gave you goosebumps was impressive? :P
  20. wind2000

    Hello, New Here

    Flame aiming to be the most popular here. :punk: