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    Translation help

    How would one call 南乳花生 in english? On the package, it just says roasted peanuts. I want a more descriptive and precise phrase. Thank you.
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    [Urgent!] Importing live fish to Canada

    If I want to import live fish (Koi to be exact) to Canada from places outside of Canada (such as Asia), what rules or permits apply? What I need to know include: What kind of permit is necessary? Is a license required? What documents are needed? Is there a tax? Thank you very much!
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    HK Transporters!

    Cantonese with chinese subs. SjkrlyQG_jk Cantonese with english subs. HuqIb8fADHM
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    Walking on Water

    Enjoy! I think that would be a pretty awesome skill. sBQLq2VmZcA
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    Fainting Goats

    Enjoy! Such cool animals. 4tgLQRW9IAc
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    Enjoy! zRVts7TFw-Y
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    Chinese Poker software wanted

    Does anyone know of a free offline chinese poker program? Been looking for one for a few months but still cannot find one.
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    Enjoy! uCi54WSdFL4 I thought the lyrics were quite funny.
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    據說100人只得2個人正確讀到 *過國過果.郭國過國國.果國過郭國國.國國國過果國 ......相信你已經可以和公雞聊天了!! ~哈哈哈哈
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    Christian God Question

    If the Christian God is omniscient, then do we really have free will? Whatever we choose in the future is supposedly known by God already.
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    PSP RPG: Lost Regnum

    Lost Regnum is one of the best psp rpgs I have played so far. Here is their main website: http://lost_regnum.ertain.com/ Any RPG fan should definitely download this game and try it out. There is a chinese version and a japanese version. The english version can be found within the chinese...
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    Don't Judge too Quickly!

    Coincidences are so funny sometimes. Enjoy! C8Keo97K9cs
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    Fire fart

    People got too much time to experiment with these things. Enjoy! http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=6304447980554417691&hl=en-CA
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    HK girl gets verbally attacked (cantonese)

    16 yr old HK girl gets verbally attacked on the phone. (cantonese) Enjoy! http://www.zshare.net/audio/2437786e40a8/
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    Don't think I don't know.

    Enjoy! http://funnyvc.blogspot.com/2007/06/blog-post_6044.html
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    Destruction of HK belongs to you!

    整死香港有你 Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkupV-gwc9U *original unedited version can be downloaded here: http://www.gov.hk/tc/theme/10/song.htm
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    Sex & Prostitution

    1. What do you think of males calling a prostitute? What about females? 2a. .If you are a woman, how long will you go out with your boyfriend before you have sex with him? 2b. During the time when you are not willing to have sex with your boyfriend, what do you think of your boyfriend if...
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    A furious cat!

    從來沒有看過這麼激怒的貓貓 Enjoy! http://funnyvc.blogspot.com/2007/06/blog-post_3464.html
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    2 cell phones, which one to choose?

    I have 2 cell phone and I am planning to give one away to a cousin. I want to ask which phone is the better one. 1st phone: Nokia 6230i http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_6230i-1087.php 2nd phone: Sony Ericsson K700i http://www.gsmarena.com/sony_ericsson_k700-692.php
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    Question on religion (mainly Christianity)

    What is the ultimate goal of being a Christian and devoting your life to God? Some people say the ultimate goal is to go to heaven. So I ask them if they have been or know of any person going to heaven before. And they say no. So Christians put all their trust in God (not yet proven to...