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  1. wind2000

    Bargains for the US residents

    Looks like people will be getting lots of good deals in the coming days. Feel sad for the people losing their jobs tho.
  2. wind2000

    Finger size link to earning power

    Who here has long fingers? -hellothar
  3. wind2000

    Thats my kind of job

    This is one job i sure wouldnt mind getting. -shock
  4. wind2000

    Scent to attract

    I wonder if people would actually buy those. :wtf:
  5. wind2000

    Can i get my kidney back? Plz...

    This is just sad.
  6. wind2000

    Toronto Meet?

    So Kdot suggested that a TO meet would be nice but he's too shy to post. He would prefer to have an all girls meet + him alone. He will even go as far as paying all the drinks for the ladies. -evil He suggested karaoke...pool.....restaurant....bowling. So who would be up for it and which day...
  7. wind2000

    [KOR-M] Butcher / Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung - 豬兜王子復仇記 (2007) [16/16] *COMPLETED*

    Title Butcher Oh Soo Jung, Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung, 豬兜王子復仇記, 칼잡이 오수정 Genre Romance, Comedy Ratings 3.5 / 5 Director Park Hyung Ki (I Want To Love, Princess Lulu, etc.) Episodes 16 Cast Oh Ji Ho, Uhm Jung Hwa, Kang Sung Jin, Park Da An, Ahn Sun Young, Yoo Hye Jung, Sung Dong...
  8. wind2000


    Park Hwayobi Vol. 6 - Sunshine Release Date: 2008.03.17 Tracklist: 01 비상 (Intro) 02 사랑해.. 03 남자는 모른다 04 딜레마 05 참 바보 같죠 06 한 걸음도 07 Fly Away 08 고마웠어요 09 흐르고 멈추다 (Feat. Untouchable) 10 Long Kiss Good Night (Feat. 수호) 11 잊고 싶은 것 12 거짓말 하기 싫어요 DDL http://www.sendspace.com/file/4tnb5j
  9. wind2000

    [DDL] 3rd Coast Vol. 1 - First Collection

    3rd Coast Vol. 1 - First Collection Release Date: 2008.03.13 Tracklist: 01 All I Need Is Music 02 Lost 03 Love Is 04 My Soul 05 I Don't Know 06 Scent Of Rain 07 Can't Stop Loving You 08 Circle 09 Just For You 10 Show Me The Way 11 Urbanize 12 Represent 13 Can't Stop Loving You...
  10. wind2000

    [DDl] Loveholic Dramatic and Cinematic

    Loveholic Dramatic and Cinematic Release Date: 2008.03.13 Tracklist: CD 1 1. Echo (Snow Queen) 2. Because Of Love 3. Flower Vase (Coffee Prince) 4. One Love (Spring Waltz) 5. Bless You (Que Sera Sera) 6. Dreams Of A Doll (The Person I Like) 7. If Only Have You (One Fine Day) 8. Sad...
  11. wind2000

    [DDL] Kangta Eternity

    Kangta Eternity Release Date: 2008.03.12 Tracklist: 01 어느날 가슴이 말했다 (Eternity) 02 너를 닮아 (Still With You) 03 책갈피 (Reminiscence) 04 그래서 미안합니다 (Since you've gone) 05 7989 (Duet. Tae Yeon of So Nyeo Shi Dae) 06 가슴에 남아 (Still my heart) 07 어느 날 가슴이 말했다 (Eternity) (Inst.) 08 책갈피 (Reminiscence)...
  12. wind2000

    Snow Rage

    Ppl need to learn how to take things easy.
  13. wind2000

    Moses High on Drugs? Truth or Fact?

    Moses High on Drugs? Truth or Fiction? This is one fo those theories where one can prove or disprove. The scientist probably sparked a huge debate on this.
  14. wind2000

    DDL Kim Jong Wook Vol. 1 - For A Long Time

    Released Aug 2007 Tracklist: 01 나쁜 남자 (NEW) 02 귀를 막아도 눈을 감아도 (NEW) 03 실연 (NEW) 04 가난한 사랑 05 언젠간 우리의 이 비가 그치면 06 이별이 즐거워 07 다시 친구로 08 너만 있다면 09 Call On Me 10 안돼 (NEW) 11 나쁜 남자 (Ballade Ver.) (NEW) 12 그대만이 (NEW) 13 널 버리면 14 10분이 지난 후 15 바바부 바바부 16 하루를 묻는다 17 시간이 갈수록 18 가끔 남자란건 DDL...
  15. wind2000

    Fined 124 000 roses

    Good to see that woman's rights are upheld. :punk:
  16. wind2000

    'faking virginity'

    This is one of those tradition versus contemporary behavior clashes at its extreme.
  17. wind2000

    Solar charge your mobile

    Pretty cool gadget for ppl who are always out in the boonies.
  18. wind2000

    Crocs the cellphone case

    Thats one original case. :kekekegay:
  19. wind2000

    Myolie's character

    What do you guys think about her?
  20. wind2000

    [DDL] PDIS (Jo PD+Yoon Il Sang) - Project Album

    Release Date: 2008.03.09 Genre: Hip Hop/Pop/R&B/Rap Tracklist: 01 Intro (In To The Story 2008) 02 끌려 (Feat. May Doni, Lee Han) 03 Pride (Feat. Tiger JK, May Doni) 04 사랑한다 (Feat. Ju Hyun Mi) 05 Queen (Feat. Uhm Jung Hwa) 06 You 07 해변의 여인 (Feat. Lee Jae Hoon, Yuri, Kim Gun Mo, DK4RG) 08 Love For...