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  1. hkm91450

    Any fellow PAer's applying for medical school?

    Don't tell me I'm the only one! So stressful, ai. Just had an interview today. Now I can't even focus, all I think about is what happened earlier today and the long dreaded wait (we find out in May whether we are accepted/rejected). Any other fellow PAer's also medical school hopefuls? Care...
  2. hkm91450

    Exam Stress

    So who besides me is stressed with exams... 5 exams -_- AIII
  3. hkm91450

    Sibling Rivalry

    Last week, my sister decided she would apply for medical school along with me. Not only is she a year younger than me, but her grades and everything are better than mine. Ever since we were little, she has always been better than me at school. She even has a near perfect GPA now in university...
  4. hkm91450

    When valley girls type

    (this was originally posted on my Facebook, but I felt I'd rant here too on PA... sorry for the long post ><) Summary for those who don't want to read the whole thing :D: -I wrote a computerized exam today. -Staggered start times meant that some people were on a further section, while others...
  5. hkm91450

    Happy Canada Day

    Just a Happy Canada Day shout out to all the Canadians here on PA -cool:) So what's everyone up to for Canada Day? (I'll be studying instead of enjoying festivities :()
  6. hkm91450


    I know this probably doesn't belong here, but it seems like no one ever visits the Homework Help section... Anyways, just needing to take my mind off for a bit before I go crazy... and wondering if anyone else is writing the MCAT too? (This is an ASIAN-forum, so I hope there's a bunch of...
  7. hkm91450

    Blew my interview

    Alright, I just needed a place to vent and to just write... I blew my interview. I stumbled and stuttered quite a bit, I went in redundant circles around the point of the question, I was nervous, I stuttered, I gave broad and not in depth answers, my responses were too 'childish' and didn't...
  8. hkm91450


    Well, I finally got in, after not knowing that summer spots opened today ><... Any other fellow PAers writing the MCAT this summer?
  9. hkm91450

    Tim Horton's and their "Double Cups"

    I don't understand why Tim Horton's just doesn't get cup sleeves instead of wasting so many cups by double cupping! Also, they're cups are pretty shitty quality because sometimes I'll forget to ask for a double cup or whatever, and then cup literally burns my hand. So basically, I'm just fed...
  10. hkm91450

    Man killed at Pacific Mall

    That's just crazy. I've been to that mall a million times...and still can't believe it. Shocked. The Chinese article has better pictures: http://news.singtao.ca/toronto/2009-02-21/headline1235209919d1614006.html
  11. hkm91450

    University Education

    As a university student who is more than half-way done their degree, and after reading this hilarious but very true and accurate article "The 10 Most Worthless College Majors", I can't help but ponder about the true value of a university degree and the focus of your study, ie. major. I look at...
  12. hkm91450

    Google Chrome

    I saw this on the news earlier tonight, tried it out, and was simply BLOWN AWAY by this new internet browser by Google. I have used IE, Firefox (predominantly), Netscape, Opera, etc., but OMG, I am so blown away that I am speechless. Or maybe, I'm just too excited. And so, I just thought...
  13. hkm91450

    Do you think Michael Phelps is over-rated?

    First of all, I admire Michael Phelps and all his accomplishments, the years of hard work, dedicated and committed training as an elite athlete. BUT, everywhere you go or tune in to, you see Phelps, his 8 gold medals, his records, how he is the greatest athlete/Olympian of all time, his...
  14. hkm91450

    Correcting people at the gym

    Alright, first of all, I'm not a gym geek nor do I live on protein shakes and steroids. But, I would say that I am decently fit, exercise regularly, and am aware of the basics of exercising. One thing that 'annoys' me is when people do their exercises wrong, especially the ones with machines...
  15. hkm91450

    GIRLS! Hanging out with guys.

    Alright, so here's my beef. I have some guy friends, and I honestly have no 'feel' for them. I just like to chill, hang out or have fun. Recently, some people have been going around calling me the equivalent of a 'slut' or 'whore' because they only see me with guys, when that's not entirely...
  16. hkm91450

    World's Oldest Condom

    It seems like people have been practicing safe sex longer than we might think, even long before STIs and many other transmittable diseases have become a pandemic. http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_1870958.html?menu=news.quirkies.sexlife
  17. hkm91450

    Using own ringtones+wallpaper on cellphones (Canadian)

    So basically the Canadian mobile phone industry is a deadlock oligopoly. :mad: They control everything on the phone, and want to make you pay $4.99 for ugly ringtones. I recently upgraded a phone (LG 8600, also known as the Chocolate Flip), still with the same shitty provider - Telus. Phones...
  18. hkm91450

    Inconsistences/Confusion With The Plot

    Okay, before I start, I just want to let everyone know, I loved this series and I loved the cast. I am a Seventh Day Fan, and not a Seventh Day Basher. But, I just had a few problems with the plot, or maybe I missed something or fell asleep... -When did Don and Sasa ever become a 'couple'...
  19. hkm91450

    Who's at fault in this whole sex photo scandal?

    So, it's the hottest news in HK right now. Edison has disappeared to the States, and other stars involved are not commenting or is ill. Cops have arrested and charged one man in connection with this. Obviously, this will have severe consequences for all those involved, especially since things...
  20. hkm91450

    Is your show affected by the Writer's Guild Strike?

    So last week, ER reached it's "final" episode, episode 13, that was produced before the strike. It's left on a cliffhanger... new relationships, new dilemmas ... I don't know how I'll survive without ER - -" Anyone else here a mad fan and their show is about to / has already been on...