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  1. faiRy-taleZzzz

    [DDL][Album] John Mayer - Continuum

    Can anyone please upload the John Mayer Continnum album? The link on the ddl section has expired = ( Anyone pls!!
  2. faiRy-taleZzzz

    [DDL] Jill Vidal - Silly Girl

    I was uploading this song for a friend so i might as well post it here as well = ) Enjoy! Jill Vidal - Silly Girl
  3. faiRy-taleZzzz

    I Have A Date With Spring (我和春天有個約會) by Anita Mui

    lol..i know this is tooo much to ask for since it's a reallly reallly old album >.< i really wish someone could share it with me if u have it..pls! the instrumental or the whole album anyonee??? hugx, sammy
  4. faiRy-taleZzzz

    : faiRy-taleZzzz's recording studio :

    +=+ ------------------ +=+ ll saMmy's liL coRner ll Name: Samantha aka [faiRy-taleZzzz] Nickname: Sammy Age:18 Date of birth: 22nd August Location: Melbourne Nationality: Malaysian Languages: English & Cantonese I'm no peRfect in recording and I do not have an angelic voice.. So...
  5. faiRy-taleZzzz

    My [NEW] Recordings = )

    Helloo!First of all,i would like to thank each and everyone of you for dropping by here! U are now about to listen to my retarded voice ^_^' So feel free to leave ne comments or criticizes.. List of songs [OLD][NEW] 1) Perfect Love - Alex & Stephy 2) I really Want To Love Him - Twins...