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  1. dragonside

    [TV-Anime][DDL]Nintama Rantarou (cantonese or japanese w/ subs)

    Hi everyone! I've been looking for Nintama Rantarou for soooo long I've gone to all the dvd shops that might carry it and i haven't found it. Nintama Rantarou use to run on Fairchild television and I taped it ^^ ...but sadly my dad threw all the vhs tapes away T_T so if anyone does have...
  2. dragonside

    JCKDO Productions (dragonside)

    Hi all! I wanted to say that I enjoy singing and I'd thought I'd share some songs that I sang. I speak cantonese at home but who knows if i'm fluent xD I am not fluent in mandarin but i try =D I'm an Eason fan =D so I'd like to continue singing more of his songs...
  3. dragonside

    [DDL] Sammi Cheng - Ultimate Collection & E.Discography [Released September 18, 2006]