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    CN-A The Journey of Flower - 花千骨 (2015) [54/54][M]

    thank you for sharing it with us wonder if this is a good one
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    Mr. Ajikko

    Can I have the link to watch "Mr.Ajikko" in canto? thank you
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    [DDL] Kenny Bee Chung - Escape [Released January 2, 2007]

    please can someone reupload it
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    Vietnamese Food

    man I getting hungry if I am thinking about Vietnamese food again
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    開心女鬼 Happy Spirit

    episode 16b is missing also :(
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    [TVB-M] Healing Hands II - 妙手仁心II (2000) [40/40][C]

    is it possible to put a new link up for episode 40, that link is the only broken one atm, thanks in advance and keep it up
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    (DDL) (anime) - Prince of Tennis - 網球王子

    I've searched before I post this request :drool: I found the same link you gave me but there is only 48 episodes. http://www.popularasians.com/forum/s...ghlight=tennis Prince of tennis has a total of 178 episodes. thx
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    (DDL) (anime) - Prince of Tennis - 網球王子

    I am looking for Season 1 till 5 (178 episodes), the cantonese version. Can anyone upload this in megaupload ? Thank you.
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    [TVB-A] The Formidable Lady From Shaolin - 少林與詠春 (1987) [20/20][C]

    Episode 3 isn't fully complete I think since it needs some buffering before it is able to start playing the videofile
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    [KOR-M] Gourmet / Sik Gaek - 食客 (2008) [32/32] [32/32] *COMPLETED*

    great serie must see if you love cooking thank you for uploading it
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    Champions League 2008 - 2009

    Sorry to disapoint you guys but liverpool is going to win it again
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    Asain junk food

    Hong Kong Satay on the side of roads are the best http://lh6.ggpht.com/_JHaguPONsIM/RooKdMQbnKI/AAAAAAAAAHE/kt7sdnBm6c4/IMG_0451.JPG
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    Premier League 2008/2009

    Manchester United favorite maybe manchester city in top 4
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    [TVB-S] Maria's Kitchen Star Series - 肥媽私房菜 (2007/8)

    thank you for sharing it with us
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    Densha Otoko (電車男

    Does Someone have this drama in cantonese?