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[DDL] Andy Lau - Mandarin Greatest Hits (我們的劉德華[國]) 3CD, Released Aug 13, 2012


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Jan 24, 2012

30 years into his career, Andy Lau remains one of the biggest superstars around. The veteran Pop King has selected 102 songs from his vast music catalog for his latest best-of album We + Andy Lau, which commemorates the close bond with his loyal following while offering a comprehensive collection of his greatest hits. The package is divided into two 3-CD sets, one for Cantonese songs and the other for Mandarin.

This set features 51 of Andy's most popular Mandarin songs, from the early 90s hits to his self-penned theme song for the recent movie Shaolin.

CD 1
01. 悟 (Satoru)
02. Everyone is No. 1
03. 一 (One)
04. 牧笛 (Mudi)
05. 歸宿 (Destination)
06. 心肝寶貝 (Sweetheart)
07. 再說一次‧我愛你 (Say Again. I Love You)
08. 幸福.這麼遠.那麼甜 (Happiness. So Far. Yet So Sweet)
09. 太想愛 (Want To Love You)
10. 練習 (Practice)
11. 肉麻情歌 (Nauseating Love Song)
12. 黑蝙蝠中隊 (Black Bat Squadron)
13. 偷聽女孩心 (Overhearing Girl's Hearts)
14. 我的心只可容納妳 (My Heart Can Only Hold You)
15. 男人哭吧不是罪 (Men Crying Isn't A Crime)
16. 我不夠愛你 (I Don't Love You Enough) *Solo Version
17. 你是我一生中最大的驕傲 (You Are My Life Time's Proudest)

CD 2
01. 木魚與金魚 (Wooden Fish and Goldfish)
02. 上帝創造女人 (God Created Woman)
03. 愛你一萬年 (Love You A Million Years)
04. 回家真好 (Coming Home is Nice)
05. 孤星淚 (Les Miserables)
06. 冰雨 (Ice Rain)
07. 馬桶 (The Toilet)
08. 世界第一等 (The World is Number One)
09. 笨小孩 (Stupid Child) *Duet w/ Blackie Ke & Jacky Wu)
10. 去年煙花特別多 (The Longest Fireworks)
11. 中國人 (Chinese)
12. 愛如此神奇 (Love So Amazing)
13. 因為愛 (Because of Love)
14. 相思成災 (Acacia Becomes Disaster)
15. 每次醒來 (Every Waking)
16. 鐵了心愛你 (Steel Love For You)
17. 真永遠 (Seriously Forever)

CD 3
01. 忘了隱藏 (Forgotten To Hide)
02. 今天 (Today)
03. 你說他是你想嫁的人 (You Said You Want To Marry Him)
04. 天意 (Providence)
05. 沒有人可以像妳 (No One Can Be Like You)
06. 該說的我已說 (What's Said I Have Been Said)
07. 纏綿 (Lingering)
08. 不該愛上你 (Should Not Have Fallen In Love With You)
09. 忘情水 (Forgotten Water)
10. 寧願我傷心 (I Rather Sorrow)
11. 真情難收 (Truth Feelings Are Hard To Hide)
12. 不能沒有妳 (Cannot Live Without You)
13. 一生一次 (One In A Lifetime)
14. 謝謝你的愛 (Thanks For Your Love)
15. 來生緣 (Afterlife Fate)
16. 我和我追逐的夢 (I Chased My Dreams)
17. 如果妳是我的傳說 (If You Are My Legend)