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Feeling sorry for Jiro?

Dec 20, 2006
sakky101, that's not Jiro's fault, it's all the script. Anyhow, he didn't really pursue her, he's just still in the look-out for her when her husband Zhi Shu mistreats her (which ZS obviously did)--- it's not like Jiro actually did anything. Also, early on when Christine show up, Jiro's character Ah Jin already fell in love with her, but he was too stubborn and shy to admit it, so he tries to disguise it by saying he still likes XQ. ^_^

Anyhow, I was disappointed that Jiro didn't have enough scenes in the story.... hehe he's still really cute
Yeah I know its in the script, I was just merely saying as in towards the whole storyline. To be honest I was more annoyed with XQ when she kept following and pursing ZS. Yes I agree, it was so funny and cute when Ah Jin met Christine and feel in love with her but dening it.

In actual fact I do think Ah Jin is cuter than ZS. ZS reminds me of Edison Chan, especially when he smiles so cheekly (As I do not like EC, however I do find ZS slightly cuter than EC). And he's a pretty good actor, playing ZS, the role so well.