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Hair salons and hair styles for men with round faces

Le Zhang

New Member
Nov 1, 2011
Hey guys,

I live in the northern cali bay area and I'm looking for a good asian salon. It's been a while since I've had a hair cut, though I like to keep my hair fairly long since long bangs are about the only things that work with my face. Every salon is hit or miss for me and I usually find it very hard to detract from my current style of hair, partially because I don't know what else to get and also because I tend to "fix" whatever cut I get to have volume on top of the head and thinned out on the side. My fix is typical of round faces apparently, but it is getting a bit boring for me, so I'm looking for something a bit different.

When I style my hair up, it looks pretty close, though not as nice as:

Just wondering if I can get some pictures of other haircuts I could get, taking consideration of my face shape, which is not quite compatible with quite a bit of the cuts out there. Very short hair makes my head huuuge, and long thick unstyled hair makes my head look even rounder.

So yea, i guess this is 2 questions in 1, feel free to answer one or both -sweat

thanks for the help!