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Shawn Yue's new MV


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Dec 16, 2006
A Galaxy Far Far Away
The making and comparison:
The MV:
The film LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) after five days in release already made 10 million at the box office. The film company immediately held a celebration two nights ago. Aside from the pregnant lead actress Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, other attendees included lead actor Shawn Yue Man Lok, director Pang Ho Cheung, boss Peter Lam Kin Ngok, Linda Wong Hing Ping, Isabel Chan Yat Ning, June Lam Siu Ha and Jim Chim Sui Man. Ah Lok's parody of Wong Hing Ping's DON'T ASK WHO I AM music video is spreading like a wild fire online. A music video duel between Wong Hing Ping and Ah Lok's versions was shown and had everyone holding their sides. Ah Lok even mischievously asked whether anyone from the record company was present. If the video could be shown at karaoke boxes, he would be able to win a "Golden Melody Award" and "Best Female Singer" award without any effort.

The pregnant Chin Wa said that originally her husband Real Ting Chi Ko wanted to attend as well, but later due to a business meeting she attended alone. She remembered the first film only made 110,000 in its first week, this time after five days it passed 10 million. She truly felt very happy. Since she was unable to attend the Mainland promotion and she had to eat anyway, even if she was less than mobile she still wanted to attend. Did she feel the baby was very lucky for her? She said, "Probably more strength! Actually the credit doesn't just go to one or two people, the script is written well and everyone performed well. (Would you let the baby perform if there is a third movie?) Hubby doesn't want him to be in the business when he will be so little. In addition he will not know how to react yet. I have worked with children on movies, at night they cried a lot. For pictures he should be fine, but let's see the script first!"

Ah Lok's parody made Wong Hing Ping's music video very popular. Chin Wa joked that the might of his cross dressing was like being topless. Some said that his impersonation looked like former rumored girlfriend Emme Wong Yi Man, Ah Lok said, "Don't take advantage of the situation!" Chin Wa chimed in and joked that his nose was a little crooked, that he could develop in many directions from here on. Would Ah Lok go out in his woman disguise? Ah Lok asked, "How? People would hit me after just a few steps, my face would be swollen by the end of the block!" Chin Wa also joked that being topless would not be as entertaining as his cross dressing. Ah Lok humbly said that he already did his best and was confident that the online hit rate would be the highest, even Eason Chan Yik Shun had to make room. He also revealed that when Wong Hing Ping first saw his music video she was frightened to tears, maybe because she thought he was "too pretty". Will he disguise himself as a woman again? He said, "I need more negotiation. If I have to again I have to charge twice and be nominated for both Best Actor and Best New Female Performer. Actually this isn't the first time I played a woman, it's just the first time that I played it so outstandingly."

Speaking of earlier claim that he was box office poison, did he feel validated this time? He said that he did not mind, since today the miracle drug might turn back to poison if the next movie would bomb at the box office. It would depend on what nourishment was being taken at the time and how the health was. Chin Wa wanted to change the subject and blamed him for always mouthing off around her. Ah Lok joked that was
embryo education. Chin Wa joked, "I watched the movie twice, I am really worried that as soon as he is born he would 'greet' me. All the uncles and aunties he would know are monsters. When you are dressed as a woman Hubby covered my eyes!"

In addition, playing Chin Wa's friends Chan Yat Ning and Lam Siu Ha became eye catching support. Chan Yat Ning's sharp lines even received great reviews. In the insurance business, she has not yet received more film offers. She would have no problem with foul language in the future either. Speaking of her repeating that line during the audience appreciation, she said that she decided to give her all long ago. During the shoot she was the happiest that she was able to become familiar with Chin Wa and Lam Siu Ha. Once an acting student of Chim Sui Man, Lam Siu Ha's performance even received praise from Chow Yun Fat. She laughed, "I want to thank him, Fat Gor is a Hong Kong actor who I like very much. (If a third film would be made, would you ask the director for a bed scene with you and Huang Xiaoming?) I haven't thought about it, I don't know whether such a character would be in the next one. I don't need such special treatments, let's wait for the director's arrangement!"


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Jan 13, 2005
rofl i love this song but shawn is creepy ... wish they made songs like this still