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Tracy Ip Chui Chui (葉翠翠)


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Jan 2, 2008
Name: Tracy Ip Chui Chui

Nickname: Chui Chui

Occupation: Student

Education: University Graduate

Origin: Shanghai

Height: 5'8 1/4"

Weight: 113 lbs.

Measurements: 32"-23"-36"

Zodiac: Virgo

Chinese Zodiac: Rooster

Hobbies: Swimming, Tennis, Cooking

Ambition: To become a successful fashion designer

Personality: Both indoors and outdoors

Strengths: Swimming, Tennis, Cooking

Unforgettable experience: Studying in England for the first day

Childhood ambition: To become a firefighter(because of dad), to become a fashion designer

Future Plan: Work hard, provide a comfortable living environment for family

Traits of future husband: Loving and caring, willing to help others

Favorite Sports: Tennis

Favorite Food: Soup cooked by mom

Favorite place to travel: Europe(gives me a feeling of freedom)

Favorite TV Series: A Thresold of an Era

Favorite Color: White

Favorite Songs: songs that are more gentle, eg. "Happy Ferris Wheel", "Festival"

Favorite Idol: Kelly Chen(a very positive singer)

Favorite Miss Hong Kong: Kate Tsui(very intelligent and hard working), Michele Reis(very elegant)

Favorite Body Part: Eyes

Body Part that wants to improve the most: Legs(can be longer)

How to prepare for the pageant: Be observant of things happening around me

First thing that will do if becomes the new Miss Hong Kong winner: Thank my parents who loves me very much

Coming from a family of 4, Ip lives with her parents. Her mother wanted to compete at Miss Hong Kong but due to her father's marriage, she gave up. Ip grew up in Hong Kong and studied at King Edward's School, Witley for a few years. In the early 2000s, she returned to Hong Kong and entered the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, majoring in fashion design. She was also a part-time model with the Elite Modeling Agency, modeling in some shows and commercials. She entered the Elite Look of the Year (HK) 2001 contest, making the top 24 but did not win anything in the end. In 2005 she competed in the Miss Hong Kong 2005.

Miss Hong Kong 2005
Ip was trained with 19 other delegates for 3 months. She visited the Tsunami affected areas like Sri Lanka and Thailand during her training. After that, on August 20, 2005, she competed at the HK Colliseum for the Miss Hong Kong 2005 crown. Even though she had negative news regarding surgery on her nose, she had a flawless performance and took the crown. She also received the title of Miss Charity. After that, she hosted some shows and performed in lots of charity shows in Hong Kong. She is also the 3rd Miss Hong Kong title winner to compete at Miss World (after Pauline Yeung of 1987 and Michele Reis of 1988).

Miss Chinese International 2006
On December 28, 2005, Ip attended a press conference for the Miss Chinese International 2006 pageant. Being a favorite from the start, Ip was expected to place in the top 3, and might even bag the crown. Surprisingly, Ip was shut out of the top 5 of the pageant. She only received a side award as a consolation. She is only one of the three Miss Hong Kong winners to not make the top 5 in the history of the pageant.


* Heart of Greed as Cherry
* Steps as Anita

* Dressage to Win as 大馬太
* Love Exchange as Sophie
* When a Dog Loves a Cat
* Love Exchange
* Moonlight Resonance
* The Greatness of a Hero



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May 11, 2006
Just watched Moonlight Resonance, last night, and YET again she made an appearance!! It's like as if she's compulsory to all TVB dramas nowadays!!!
Mar 27, 2009
i know she won the miss hk pagent, and i wass very happy to see her acting in serie, which was not as bad as i thought