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Hello ma123456. I saw your post about Sangdo. I really appreciate your amazing help!!! However, I guess because it was uploaded long ago I can not open it with utorrent. Could you please upload a newer version if possible?? Pleaseee I need it soooo muchh!!!!!
Hi. I’m trying to find a link to watch an old series ‘Mystery Files’ starring Gallen Lo. But it seems cannot be found on the internet. Can anyone help?
My wife and I are trying to find this series. It's new. Chinese.
少年派 (Growing Pain) (2019)

Is there a link already available or it is being worked on? :)
I couldn't find it in the search.

Thank you kindly
I'm not sure if this is the place to write this (sorry if this isn't the place) - but I was wondering if there was a chance Princess Pearl 1 and 2 files in Cantonese can be reuploaded? The current forum on it hasn't been updated since 2009 so all the files have been removed/the torrents are dead.
Thank you x
Can someone re-upload the Cantonese version of Moon Embraces the Sun?
I have been looking for the Cantonese version since this drama came out!
Can't believe it was here all along... T.T
Hi, can anyone pls share me or up the link of chinese drama return of condor heroes 1995. tried searching thru internet but couldnt get it. pls and thank u in advance
Hi, I would like to ask if you have The Couple's Sponsor - 부부의 스폰서 2016 (Korean Movie) with English subtitles. Would be glad if you have it. Thank you.
hey there's two of the same torrent for lo and behold ep 122. Is one of t those suppose to be 123?
Hello...The DB movies "Mystical Adventure","The strongest guy" and "Bio-Broly" in Cantonese were deleted...Could you re-upload them,please ? ^^ Ah,could you upload the specials "Bardock,the father of Goku" and "The history of Trunks" in Cantonese,please ? =)

I have a question to ask. I can't downoad series, they use all with (torrent). Is ther an other to download the series. Hope you can help me out.


Hi, can you please upload more torrents for Burning Hands? The current torrents are only up to episode 10. Thanks
The Sound of Desert..would you please re-upload ep. 11 & 15 & 28 onto openload ? I can not access uptobox...Thank you! Please !!!
i dont mean to burst your bubble, but HK 630pm news from Sep 01 2012 to Nov 23 2012 are dated quite fare back. very hard to find. you sound desperate so i will try and find this for you, as it seems you have a personal reason for wanting this.