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      by Published on 01-20-2015 01:50 AM
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      In a surprise move, 44-year-old Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and 27-year-old Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) announced today that they have gotten married. The couple registered their marriage in Mainland China and shared the good news on their Sina Weibo blogs.
      by Published on 01-19-2015 11:18 AM
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      After four years of dating, Jay Chou (周杰倫) finally tied the knot with Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) on January 17, one day before Jay’s 36th birthday. Their romantic fairy tale wedding took place at the Selby Abbey, an Anglican church in the small town of Selby, ...
      by Published on 01-19-2015 09:33 AM
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      On January 17, Leila Tong (唐寧) announced on her Weibo microblog that she has given birth to a baby girl. The former TVB actress, who keeps a low-profile, already has one son, Chun Chun.

      Leila’s daughter was born via Cesarean section. Chun Chun, Leila’s son, ...
      by Published on 01-18-2015 02:55 PM
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      Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) held their wedding ceremony in England yesterday. The reception took place on the lavish grounds of Castle Howard, with 50 family and friends in attendance.

      The couple shared wedding photos that ...
      by Published on 01-17-2015 01:50 PM
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      Karena Ng (吳千語) and Raymond Lam’s (林峯) relationship often headlines tabloid reports. Apart from their 14-year gap, the couple also has a large disparity in their careers. While Raymond is successful in television, film, and music, Karena’s movies have ...
      by Published on 01-17-2015 01:38 PM
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      Former Miss Hong Kong 2009 participant Candy Yuen (袁嘉敏) hopes to revive her stagnant career by stripping in Wong Jing’s (王晶) latest Category III movie, The Gigolo <鴨王>. Although the movie will be released on January 29, 2015, a video clip showing Candy in full-frontal ...
      by Published on 01-17-2015 09:30 AM
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      Working for ATV, TVB, and now HKTV, Savio Tsang’s (曾偉權) face is easily recognized by many drama viewers. Although a leading star at ATV in the 1980s, Savio’s prominence declined at TVB in the 1990s. Hoping to change his work environment and have more opportunities, ...

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